Snap launches an industry first advertising product

Multi-format Delivery offers brands the opportunity to purchase multiple advertising formats in one cohesive ad set.

Snap is globally rolling out a new advertising product, Multi-format Delivery to offer brands buying on Snap the opportunity to purchase multiple advertising formats in one cohesive ad set, optimizing towards the client’s central goal or objective.

According to the company’s announcement, the product launch will include all of Snap’s video ad formats including Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and Commercials, and will feature Snap’s camera offerings (augmented reality) by Q2 of 2022.

“The new product will fundamentally change the way the brands and advertisers think about buying media on Snap, shifting towards a more multi product approach to drive performance,” Snap said in a statement. “These improvements will lay the groundwork for a significant evolution in ad-buying perception, behaviour, and performance. This also will enable Snap’s auction dynamics the opportunity to serve clients the best suited inventory for marketer’s price and objective.”

“Snap ads have been successfully leveraged by businesses who seek to directly connect with audiences through immersive and engaging content. At Snap, we pioneered AR advertising at scale and have been innovating ever since. The launch of multi-format delivery, an industry first product, really solidifies augmented reality as an always-on buying opportunity for our clients. This launch is a game-changing opportunity for brands and advertisers, providing them with a simplified, all-encompassing buying process for their next campaign with Snap,” said Kathryn Carter, General Manager, APAC at Snap Inc.. “Now, Singapore brands across categories can easily discover innovative ad opportunities that optimize AR and video together to drive strong results. We are excited for advertisers to use Snap to reimagine their next campaign, using AR which we know is a growing sector and valuable tool.”