How much time do consumers spend inside apps?

As compared to Q1 2019, consumers in 16 markets spend 20% more time on apps every day in Q1 2022, among the top 10 markets.

Apps are part of people’s lives in the new normal. Brands use apps to facilitate communication, shopping, bills payment, and other business transactions convenient for customers. But how much time do consumers spend inside apps?, formerly App Annie, a unified data AI company, recently released its Q1 2022 Regional Market Pulse Index. The report shows that the summit hasn’t been achieved yet as consumers use mobile capabilities to improve all life’s aspects.

Acceleration to App Migration

While the app usage time spending has been increasing ever since the app market emerged, the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the result. Because of the subsequent community quarantines, social distancing, and lockdowns, many users shifted from traditional media, such as television viewing, to mobile app usage.

As compared to Q1 2019, consumers in 16 markets spend 20% more time on apps every day in Q1 2022, among the top 10 markets. In Singapore, the rises were more significant at 35%, which holds the same in other regions. Subsequently, Russia and Australia both grew by 35%, and Canada by 30%.

Top Eager App Users

Indonesian consumers rank at the top of the most eager app users worldwide, beating last year’s highest 5-hour limit for daily app use, with the record-breaking result of 5.7 hours in Q 2022. Experts are even entertaining the possibility of Indonesia reaching 6 hours of app usage time. Hence, the country supersedes Brazil and South Korea as the leader in time spent on app usage.

Furthermore, the Q1 2022 Regional Pulse Index named the top gaming and mobile apps by downloads in Singapore, with its interesting findings below.

Stable App Economy

About 15 years after its launch, the app economy has become a highly stable domain, generating billions of active app users. The Top Apps by Downloads worldwide listed on the Q1 2022 chart is relatively the same as last year’s data. According to the download chart, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and WhatsApp Messenger rank in the top four.

In Singapore, the Top 5 Apps by Downloads include Telegram, SingPass, and WhatsApp. These apps were also the most downloaded in 2021 and Q1 2022. On the other hand, the most downloaded game was Free Fire, ranking third place as published by Singapore’s Garena.

Top Mobile Gaming Apps

The famous Battle Royale title is one of the mobile gaming sector’s top record performers alongside ROBLOX, Candy Crush, and  Subway Surfers, all included in the top 5 games by downloads.

Goldfinch Studios’ Wordle ranks the top two in breakout games by downloads. However, users were actually searching for the mobile version of Wordle. Therefore, Goldfinch’s game is considered an accidental chart-list-hitter.

Because of Wordle’s popularity, other similar games, such as Word Guess -Word Games and Wordscapes, have emerged, ranking 7th and 8th in Australia and the United States.

Top Breakout Games

Merge & Fight was the #1 breakout game by downloads worldwide. This game was released in January 2022, featuring mid-core game strategy elements, wherein players combine their dinosaurs to unlock more creatures. They compete against monsters, dragons, and other dinosaurs. Based on the game, about 1% of players unlock powerful monsters and win the game.

In Japan, Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel bagged the number one spot in the top breakout downloads and game by downloads for the full quarter. This strategy-based game uses card decks featuring the famous Yu-Gi-Oh IP, a monster card that an opponent’s card effects cannot destroy.

Fastest Growing Apps Have New Great Ideas

The Breakout Apps chart has the most astounding data in the downloads listing, which doesn’t fail to surprise spectators.

Based on the product monitoring, Locket Widget is the top 5 ranking breakout app in the Q1 2022 chart, which has grown the fastest quarter over a quarter in Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. This app allows users to view live photos from family and friends on the home screen.

Experts point out its success to the great appeal of combining messaging and pictures in a novel way. Consumers highly favored this new app concept, bagging such apps with the highest download ratings.

The Dominance of Shopping and Payment Apps

In India, Meesho and Shopee are the dominant shopping apps. Aside from the popularity of these two mobile commerce products, the country is known to have a dynamic mobile payment and growing online shopping sector. In fact, Meesho has recently announced its grocery expansion.

India’s mobile payments success also mirrors nearby countries, such as Japan, wherein PayPay ranks the number two spot in the Q1 2022 download chart. This mobile payment app lets users generate or scan a QR code to pay in over three million shops.

Marketing Impacts of Rising App Usage Time

The Q1 2022 Regional Market Pulse Index of clearly shows the rapidly growing mobile app usage and migration in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide. As consumers shift from traditional media to mobile apps, brands must think of their best next marketing strategy based on this trend.

For instance, incorporating app analytics in creating marketing strategies is crucial to attaining sales and marketing success as more consumers use and engage using apps. Knowing consumer behavior and time spent using mobile apps can help marketers in implementing their next strategies at the perfect timing. Using a trusted AI-powered analytics tool can help brands generate accurate mobile and digital insights to level up their sales and marketing performance.