Music Matters Academy launched with a purpose

Branded, in partnership with Believe and YouTube, launches the Music Matters Academy – a new online platform.

Branded partners with organisations to create, produce, and commercialise integrated online and offline multimedia platforms that connect, engage, inform and entertain consumers.

Created by, with and for musicians and young industry professionals the Music Matters Academy is a free-to-attend online series of fireside chats, panels and workshops dedicated to the business of music.

The 3 month programme offers a foundation to learn and upskill through mentorship, training and knowledge sharing from icons and experts of the global music industry, Branded said in a press release.

According the company’s statement, the Music Matters Academy will be led by some of today’s most accomplished industry executives, artists, managers, and creative minds. The curriculum of eight content modules cover music publishing, digital content distribution, artist management, marketing, live streaming, touring, mental health and working with brands. Attendees will receive tools, guidance and one-of-a-kind insights on what it takes to succeed in one of the world’s most exciting industries.

“The Music Matters Academy delivered some of our best content for over a decade, but was always a part of a live event,” said CEO of Branded, Jasper Donat. “We are so excited that by taking it virtual we can spread the net wider to give far more musicians and young executives a very real opportunity to learn about the business of music. We are also excited to be expanding into the sports and gaming industries giving attendees a genuine opportunity to learn from the best of the best.”

The Academy 2021 will be livestreamed and made available on demand on the Branded YouTube channel and