Untapped gaming communities a major opportunity for brand marketers

How GosuGamers intends to connect brands with the global esports community of over 300 million people via data-driven esports content, enhanced user engagement and innovation.

Global esports media GosuGamers has announced a transformative rebranding initiative that delivers premier esports content, news and insights — powered by a strategic partnership with GRID, the official esports and gaming data platform — heralding a new era of enriched user experiences and dynamic content provision.

The global gaming market revenue is set to amount to USD 187.7 billion in 2023, with esports playing a key role in this projected growth. The popularity of esports has surged, captivating not only consumers but also drawing significant interest from investors. This has led to a rise in growing opportunities for engagement activities, increased viewership numbers and ticket sales, and sustained demand for tournaments. 

In response to the growing regional demand, GosuGamers has also since expanded its international footprint with dedicated websites in Vietnam, India, and Indonesia, with upcoming plans to venture into new territories in the near future. 

Through white-labelled solutions offered by GosuGamers, brands will be able to share key messages, interact and strengthen their relationships with the gaming community on the platform based on their desired scale. On top of working with GosuGamers for hosting and logistics capabilities, brands can also amplify their reach and engagement through gaming entertainment solutions such as brand partnerships, influencer marketing and content production. 

With this rebrand, GosuGamers will also be launching its community tournament platform, GosuBattles — a new gaming platform made for the world’s diverse gaming communities, organisers, and brands. 

“With the esports community remaining at the core of our vision, we are thrilled to embark on a journey of new beginnings,” remarked Samson Oh, CEO of GosuGamers. “As we broaden our services and extend our influence to global communities, we hope to continue to empower untapped talents, advocate for an inclusive gaming industry, all while building towards a new generation of entertainment through gaming media.”

With GosuGamers going through major changes, all its products and innovations will continue to be powered by official esports data coming from GRID. This partnership is a continuation of a long-standing commitment to unlocking the potential of data-driven entertainment in esports.

Mikael Westerling, Chief Sales Officer and Co-Founder of GRID said: “GosuGamers has always embodied a visionary approach to entertainment in esports, and their pioneering  recognition of the potential that in-game data holds within this space is the quality that brought our long-standing partnership to life. Their evolution as a company in esports demonstrates this mindset, and we are glad to continue powering their revamped platform and innovations with official game data as they explore this potential in Southeast Asia and foster a global esports community.”