Informatica launches Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Retail

New cloud capabilities designed to help retail companies stay competitive and continuously innovate customer experience in a digital-first world.

Informatica has launched the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) for Retail with new cloud-first, cloud-native capabilities built to help the retail industry drive innovation and business value.

The enterprise cloud data management company said that one of the biggest barriers to retail transformation is managing data across multiple clouds and hybrid cloud.

IDMC for Retail is the first and only cloud-neutral Data Management Cloud for the retail industry enabling digital-first experiences to their customers while driving omni-channel revenue growth by managing data across any system, any cloud, multicloud or hybrid, claimed the company.

“Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud platform will enable Hershey to deliver trusted, governed data to our users with the utmost confidence,” said Ryan Gelburd, Enterprise Data and Technology, the Hershey Company.

Delivering Hyper-Personalised Customer Experiences

IDMC for Retail enables highly personalized, digital-first customer experiences across all channels, at scale so retailers can respond to dynamic, real-time customer needs by unifying customer data across multiple domains, systems and multiple clouds, said Informatica.

IDMC for Retail also improves inventory visibility at the store and distribution centre level and increases the accuracy of demand forecasting. In a world where climate change and geopolitical tensions will continue to create supply chain uncertainty, closer collaboration with suppliers is a powerful way to address supply disruption and price volatility. 

IDMC for Retail helps prevent exposure and reduces risk by providing effective data governance and privacy capabilities, said Informatica.