Rakuten Advertising launches ‘The Affiliate Funnel’

The interactive timeline showcases affiliate publishers from across Asia-Pacific and provides insights on how various affiliate models can be leveraged throughout the path the purchase.

Rakuten Advertising recently launched an interactive timeline showcasing real examples of publishers across Asia-Pacific, ‘The Affiliate Funnel: From Prospects to Purchase’.

Traditionally, affiliate marketing has been used as a lower funnel channel with the purpose of driving sales. Now, it has progressed far beyond last click and plays an important role in the whole customer journey, from awareness to advocacy and all the steps in between.

‘The Affiliate Funnel’ has been created to help brands maximise their affiliate partnerships throughout the shopping journey, Rakuten said in a media statement.

Rakuten Advertising experts have identified and hand-picked publishers that support each stage of the journey and organised them into an easy-to-navigate interactive timeline. The stages include Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Loyalty and Advocacy.

Partnering with top-of-funnel affiliate publishers in the Content and Influencer space gives brands access to targeted, engaged audiences which drive awareness and inspiration as customers browse for their next purchase. Publishers in the Comparison and Shopping categories can provide additional information including peer and product reviews, giving brands broader representation and exposure.

Moving further down the funnel, brands can influence a customer’s decision to purchase with unique coupon codes, cashback offers or even logistical support in purchasing across markets. Loyalty & Rewards publishers also help brands provide incentives that encourage action and repeat purchase.

The customer journey continues after the transaction. Advertisers can work with affiliate publishers and turn their loyal customers into brand ambassadors to support new customer acquisition and further drive brand advocacy.

Stuart McLennan, Senior Vice President of Asia-Pacific, Rakuten Advertising, said: “Affiliate Marketing has evolved in recent years. Brands can now choose to reach customers from discovery through to purchase on a performance-based model.”

He also added, “By identifying gaps and opportunities in their affiliate program, brands on the Rakuten Advertising network have experienced 23% increase in sales and 48% growth in clicks year-over-year. Our network is diverse and primed to help advertisers create and scale profitable partnerships.”