ThinkLogic Marketing rebrands to ThinkLogic Media Group (TMG)

ThinkLogic Media Group launches its revamped website, marking the company’s rebranding from ThinkLogic Marketing to ThinkLogic Media Group (TMG).

ThinkLogic Media Group announced the launch of its revamped website, which marks the company’s rebranding from ThinkLogic Marketing to ThinkLogic Media Group (TMG) on March 1.

The Philippines and Singapore-based marketing company, which started as a lead- and demand-generation company more than eight years ago, grew a media arm (including this website) as it wanted to meet market needs and demands in the region, while evolving to provide more integrated and innovative marketing services for technology vendors.

Over the last two years, TMG has successfully repositioned itself by integrating its role as a leading niche technology content media provider into its B2B lead-generation operations to become a full-service demand-generation company, the company said in a media release.

Why rebrand?

ThinkLogic Media Group is a leader in innovation and creative application of technology, always finding ways to excel.

“We know that relevant and engaging digital content has a high consumption rate in the Asia Pacific that keeps increasing with time, so we continue to innovate to bring compelling content to our niche audiences,” said Rein Decina, Managing Director, TMG.

“Our company stays ahead and keeps pace with the rapidly evolving digital landscape, and this is reflected in our rebranding exercise and revamped website – which is more interactive, to empower more marketers and enterprise decision-makers.”

What clients say

“The leads generated are of higher accuracy than other lead-gen campaigns with other vendors. Creative and open-minded to explore new approaches to improve the quality and quantity of leads. Instead of just delivering within stipulated time period, flexible to stretch in aim to fulfill all targets set.” – Outsystems

“You guys showed great expertise in this industry by providing detailed profiling questions that the customer needs to know and find out. The team is fast in responding and followed up closely with leads that were uncontactable. Overall, I think the team is delivering a fantastic job to the client.” – HKBN JOS

TMG media brands

As a leading B2B technology demand generation company supported by its own media brands, ThinkLogic aims to leverage Asia Pacific’s growing base of enterprise technology decision-makers.

The revamped corporate website now also showcases its media brands.

TMG’s current media sites are,, and, which focus on cybersecurity, digital economy, and marketing technology respectively.

The company intends to grow its reach by opening new media brands in the future to serve niche, sustainable technology markets for clients and audiences alike.

TMG has established itself in Asia as a trustworthy, reputable, and credible media organization, initiating regional awards programs through our tech media sites, such as CybersecAsia Readers’ Choice Awards and DigiconAsia DX Solution Excellence Awards.

Plans are underway for more industry awards in the coming years, the next one most likely in the MarTech space.

“Our industry awards recognize Asia Pacific’s technology leaders for the critical roles they play and the huge advances and innovations they make. We believe innovators that make significant contributions in the Asia Pacific region deserve recognition,” Decina said.

Improved services

TMG said its revamped website aims to highlight its transformative solutions, with the commitment to continue accelerating and expanding its reach to drive awareness, consideration, and smarter decision-making for B2B enterprises across the region.

Integrating media content and demand-generation capabilities, the company is able to offer better data-driven marketing solutions with its rebranding – including Demand Generation, Content Solutions, Events, Advertising, and Interactive Engagement.

“With our data-driven strategy and technology to attain measurable results, we bring actionable insights for regional tech brands,” says Decina. “We are proud to have extensive technological implementations, making us the leading B2B technology demand generation company in Asia.”

Gamification and zero-party data

Not only is TMG expanding its media brands, but extending its range of services and solutions as well.

One of the highlights last year included its gamification campaigns for technology marketers seeking more interactive engagement and insights into the target audience behavior and journey.

Gamification for B2B enterprises has its unique requirements, besides the usual GDPR and other regulatory requirements, but serves as a good source of zero-party data – a real need, as organizations gear up for a cookieless world.

“ThinkLogic Media Group is the pioneer of B2B gamification in Asia,” said Decina. “We have the best minds in creating the most suitable gamification strategies for B2B tech companies in the region, to provide the best outcomes for thought leadership, branding, and demand generation.”

More details about gamification strategies and zero-party data are available on the new TMG website.