Mobile Marketing Trends 2022: Moving beyond privacy barriers

According to AppsFlyer’s 2022 Mobile Marketing trend piece, the year ahead is shaping up to be an action-packed year on all marketing fronts.

From uncovering how privacy will impact campaign budgets, discovering new skills for marketers in the year of privacy and exploring trends in Gaming, Creative, and Web-to-Apps, industry leaders have forecasted what’s ahead of us in the mobile marketing industry.

From the 2022 Mobile Marketing Trend predictions by Appsflyer, mobile attribution and marketing analytics company, here are some items that marketers can look forward to this year:

  • Marketers will likely move budgets away from bigger networks for raw postbacks conversions, to software development kit networks and to smaller social channels;
  • Leveling up on understanding and use of different techniques for data analysis, such as portfolio-level data, that will help in allocating budgets efficiently to maximize return on ad spend;
  • Leveraging learnings from portfolio-level data to retain and cross promote users to maintain competitive edge to lead the market;
  • New ways of measuring marketing effectiveness will arise, with Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) being an effective tool to help marketers identify useful information and act as a catalyst for working with differently-shaped data;
  • Placing bigger emphasis on lifecycle marketing to make up for the reduced efficiency from remarketing campaigns;
  • Embracing more non-SKAN measurement, using probabilistic measurement, modeled conversions, and incrementality

The report said that since the launch of iOS14, app marketers have seen challenges with their campaign tracking. With iOS users now having to explicitly consent to granting access to their user-level data on applications, marketers are relying on Apple’s privacy-centric aggregated attribution framework SKAdNetwork (SKAN) to measure the success of their campaigns.

The introduction of SKAN has prompted the rise of mobile measurement partners (MMP) to reimagine campaign measurement solutions by integrating marketing metrics into a single platform. Being the only party with an unbiased view of the entire consumer journey, an MMP will help marketers to understand which media source deserves credit for driving a conversion.

Marketers are able to configure conversion value schemes, simulate and visualize critical performance KPIs through full funnel insights, and predict campaign performance, all by removing the barriers of SKAN. This empowers marketers to make informed decisions regarding budget allocation. 

According to AppsFlyer’s 2022 Mobile Marketing trend piece, the year ahead is shaping up to be an action-packed year on all marketing fronts: from web-to-app strategies, SKAdNetwork and IDFA-induced limitations, through continued M&A that will lead to the creation of more 1st party data fortresses, and down to data science, data clean rooms, and non-SKAN measurement taking front stage.