Where are the jobs in Digital Marketing and Martech in Asia?

Because of the impact of COVID-19, brands find new ways to connect with customers, which has led to more demand for digital marketing and martech professionals in Asia.

Many businesses and organisations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region realise the importance of digital marketing and marketing technology. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a remarkable increase in digital-related jobs.

Challenges and Demand for Digital Marketing and Martech Services

According to Abhishek Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer at Puravankara Limited (a real estate company in India), ‘Companies across the APAC continue to embrace new, emerging and transformative technologies to bolster business and render increased ROI for customers. The infrastructure for utilisation and deployment of data and technology tools, specifically in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, is still at a nascent stage.’

Kapoor also added, ‘Some of the major challenges include overhead costs, infrastructure spends, and requisite human capital. The differential adoption of technology across geographies also acts as a key challenge. To be more specific, while some countries have embraced automation on a large-scale level, others have still not developed infrastructure capabilities to utilise the new-age tech.’

While companies in APAC understand the crucial role of digital marketing and marketing technology, they face challenges when it comes to harnessing data and sustaining these new marketing technologies. Because of the need for businesses to become more digitally competitive, it has led to the creation of more jobs in these areas.

The Evolution of Consumer Communication in Asia

Consumer communication in Asia has largely shifted to digital. The skyrocketing use of digital platforms for sales and marketing, as well as customer engagement, leads to increased demand for web content creators.

A recent report by LinkedIn explains that brands have discovered new ways to connect faster and more effectively than before the pandemic with consumers. There is a 48% increase in companies posting on LinkedIn in June 2020 than the previous year.

Top Digital Marketing and Martech Jobs in APAC

According to the LinkedIn report, here are the top digital marketing and martech jobs in APAC:

Digital Content Jobs

  • Content Writers And Editors
    Digital content jobs include web content writers, copywriters, and editors. They produce blogs, articles, social media content, press releases, and other forms of web content. The skills required clients look for when hiring a web content writer include creative writing, proofreading, and research skills.
  • Video Content Creators
    These jobs include YouTube content creators and video editors. Video content creators should have skills in video editing and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Digital Marketing

The skills required for digital marketing jobs include copywriting, online marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and Google Analytics.

  • Social Media Manager
    Social media managers create and implement marketing strategies for the social media sites of businesses. The key tasks of a social media manager include creating social media profiles, blogging, responding to followers, and managing regular posts.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
    A digital marketing specialist works with a company’s in-house marketing team. The responsibilities of a digital marketer include identifying a target market, creating a brand image, and developing and maintaining a marketing campaign for the internet and other digital technologies.
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
    A social media marketing specialist creates social media marketing campaigns and strategies. The key tasks of a social media marketer include budget planning, reviewing content, and implementing schedules. Social media marketing specialists promote brand consistency in social media by working with advertising, influencer marketing, brand management, and product development companies.
  • Marketing Analyst
    Marketing analysts study market conditions, assessing the potential sales and maintaining good revenue of products and services. The duties of a marketing analyst include monitoring and forecasting sales trends, gathering consumer data, preparing reports, and data analysis using statistical software.

Where to Find These Jobs in Asia

People can find various digital marketing and martech jobs in the following areas:

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
    Indonesian business players are turning to digital marketing, which is an effective way to promote brand awareness for retail companies and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Hence, this perception opens many opportunities for Indonesian digital content creators and marketers.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Despite the increase in unemployment rate in the country, there is an increasing demand for new jobs requiring digital skills. These martech jobs include data scientists, artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, big data analysts, product user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers, cyber security specialists, and others.

    Aireen Omar, airasia Digital president, said that there would be more data driven jobs, machine learning work, and artificial intelligence or AI projects. These jobs require more strategic analytical work, in which airasia Digital aspires for Malaysians, creating tech-savvy, employable talents.
  • Manila, Philippines
    The Philippines is a well-known outsourcing hub all over the world. The National Capital Region or metro Manila in the Philippines houses hundreds of call centres and employs thousands of call centre agents. Because of the pandemic, many call centres agents are shifting to work-from-home settings and content creation, virtual assistance, social media marketing, and other tech-related and online marketing home based jobs.
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    Innovation and technology reduce the need to hire people to do physical or manual jobs, causing higher job losses in several business sectors. However, skilled workers in Thailand with electronic learning or eLearning, technology, and e-commerce expertise will remain essential, according to the managing director of Trinity Securities, Visit Ongpipattanakul.
  • Singapore
    Singapore ranked as Asia’s most innovative nation in the Global Innovation Index 2020. Therefore, it is not surprising why there is such a big demand for digital marketing and martech jobs in the country.


The in-demand jobs in digital marketing and martech include content creators and marketing specialists. Because of the growth of social media and search engine use, many businesses look for these services in Asia. Going by the current outlook, digital marketing and martech services offered by digital media companies and freelance workers in Asia will continue to expand in the region and worldwide.