Google Marketing Live shared why generative AI is a must-tool in every marketing and e-commerce toolkit — helping make decisions, solve problems, enhance creativity, and more.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is an immensely powerful marketing tool in the modern digital age. APAC businesses can use this technology to improve and multiply their digital marketing efforts. Using generative AI, enterprises can create more personalized, creative, and engaging content, including ads, images, and product listings. And Google is one of the leaders in generative AI worldwide.

In a Google Marketing Live virtual roundtable last May 19 (Friday), Dan Taylor, Vice President of Global Ads, Brian Burdick, Senior Director, Search Ad Automation, and Jeff Harrell, Senior Director, Shopping, presented a preview of some of Google’s AI-focused product announcements for marketers.

Google Introduces AI-Powered Ads

The recent Google Marketing Live roundtable introduced generative AI within Google Ads. This new AI feature seeks to bring a new natural-language conversational experience by making easier for businesses to create and manage their search ads.

For many years, AI has always been the “prime technology” of Google Ads, helping advertisers earn the highest returns for their investments. Marketers can talk to Google AI about their marketing goals with the latest AI capability of Google Ads.

Google AI will use the data feed to generate a personalized plan for search ads, including recommendations for keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, ad copy, targeting, and other assets for the marketing campaign.

  • Using Generative AI In Performance Max

Performance Max is one of the best examples of Google’s AI-powered campaigns. Advertisers provide a few details about their business, and Performance Max generates different custom assets from the given information. Afterward, advertisers can review and choose the most relevant generated assets to use in their marketing campaigns.

After selecting the assets, Performance Max automatically scales them across all of Google’s advertising channels. Therefore, this new feature can save advertisers a significant amount of time and effort while helping them create more effective ads that resonate with their target audience.

  • Using Generative AI to Create New Ad Experiences

Google I/O, Google’s flagship event, announced the new generative AI capabilities for smarter and simpler searches. The new generative AI experience will allow online users to search more quickly and easily while continuing to make search a valuable resource and ad venue for businesses.

Over the next few months, Google will test new SGE-native ad formats, which are more engaging and interactive than traditional ad formats. The generative AI integrated into these new ad formats aims to create relevant, high-quality ads tailored to each stage of the search process.

  • Using Generative AI For Privacy-First Future

Testing new privacy-preserving signals from the Privacy Sandbox, a set of Google proposals to replace third-party cookies in Chrome, is also ongoing. This testing helps businesses reach relevant customers and measure results, as third-party cookies in Chrome will be phased out next year. Hence, Google’s AI Principles ensure the development of responsible and effective ad products.

Google Launches New Features To Connect with Online Shoppers

Modern consumers have more shopping choices today than ever before. Online marketplaces offer an overwhelming number of brands and products. But the tough competition makes it more challenging for businesses to connect with new customers.

One way to surpass this challenge is to use eye-catching, unique product images. The right product images can capture attention, communicate a brand message, and drive sales. However, creating professional product images can be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. With generative AI, marketers can easily create better product images, listings, and more.

  • The Product Studio

Matt Madrigal, VP/GM Merchant Shopping of Google Marketing Live, announced Google’s new tool, Product Studio, which can help merchants create unique product images using generative AI. It’s available within Merchant Center Next, Google’s platform for businesses to manage how their products show up on Google.

Product Studio has amazing features, such as custom product scenes. This feature allows users to create new imagery depending on changing marketing needs without the additional cost of new photoshoots. With the background removal feature, marketers can remove distracting backgrounds from product images to make them more eye-catching. On the other hand, the image resolution enhancement feature increases the resolution of low-quality product images, making them look sharper and more professional.

With Product Studio, marketers can quickly redesign and repurpose product images based on their marketing campaigns without coding skills or professional photography skills required. They can refine existing product images using this AI tool’s robust image-editing features. As a result. marketers can produce high-quality images for product listings, capturing their target audience’s attention to boost lead generation and conversion rates, and ultimately, sales.

  • The Merchant Center

Google makes it easier for merchants to promote their products online. The Merchant Center is another free Google service that allows businesses to upload their product catalogs to Google. This tool is valuable for businesses, enabling them to reach more potential customers, increase online visibility, and improve click-through rate (CTR) for higher sales.

The products listed in the Merchant Center appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and other Google properties. This gives product listings more exposure and higher searchability rates, excellent for branding and sales boost. Furthermore, optimizing product listings in Merchant Center provides businesses with detailed reports on their products’ online performance. It enables marketers to use the report data to improve future product listings and marketing campaigns.

Indeed, the Merchant Center must be included in every merchant’s marketing toolkit. To use this AI platform, businesses must first create an account and submit their product catalogs to use the Merchant Center. Upon approval, businesses can use the Merchant Center to add new products, update product information, remove products from their catalog, and more.


Google’s AI-focused products are powerful tools to help APAC business owners, advertisers, and marketers achieve their goals. Marketers can use generative AI to create and manage product listings across Google’s search and shopping platforms. These AI tools can also help businesses reach their target audiences and deliver more relevant and personalized ads to improve conversion rates and sales.