Core Web Vitals update: Over 90% of websites fail to meet basic Google SEO requirements

Core Web Vitals update will impact Google search rankings.

Google’s minimum requirements for a “good” page experience is a hard nut to crack.  

According to Searchmetrics data, over 90% of sites in mobile searches and 96% of those in desktop searches hardly meet Google’s three Core Web Vitals usability thresholds.  

The new Core Web Vitals update officially is expected to roll out from mid-June this year and it could have a great impact on the search engine ranking of websites..

The study is the result of analysing over two million web pages appearing in the top 20 Google results in the US, UK and Germany.  

Searchmetrics’ data has found a positive correlation between webpages that rank highly and those that perform well on Core Web Vitals metrics.  YouTube, however, is an exception to this as it ranked high in searches despite its poor loading speeds and responsiveness.

“The Google Core Web Vitals update is in many ways a response to websites not really living up to user expectations. It’s a clear message to website owners that not putting users first may have a negative effect on rankings,” said Marcus Tober, Founder and Chief Evangelist at Searchmetrics.