GM CONNECT: An integrated CRM tool launched by GoalsMapper

GM Connect provides financial consultants with a customisable engagement tool seamlessly integrated into the GoalsMapper platform.

GoalsMapper has launched GM Connect, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool on the GoalsMapper platform to introduce an omnichannel communication tool for financial consultants to be better connected to clients, the financial planning software company announced on 29 April.

GM Connect aims to help financial consultants attain higher productivity levels by allowing portfolio-based segmentation and personalised engagement based on their client’s current situation or financial goals, the company said in a statement.

“The financial worries caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have brought to fore the invaluable role that financial consultants play. Financial consultants who have proven their mettle were those who regularly kept in touch with their clients to provide objective expert advice with a human touch. With GM Connect, we are equipping financial consultants with the tools to connect and engage with their clients regularly on a deeper level with ease,” said Dato Wayne Chen, CEO and co-founder of GoalsMapper.

GoalsMapper claimed that with GM Connect, financial consultants can use automated reminders, customised messages or broadcasts to communicate and even manage their sales cycles more efficiently. Unlike other messaging solutions, GM Connect provides financial consultants with an opportunity to digitise the entire sales process, including an overview of the sales pipeline and receiving real-time testimonials. Along with a 360-view of their client’s requirements and necessary information all within a single secure platform, GM Connect stands out for its tailor-made solution for financial consultants. GM Connect is customisable to the point that customers can be engaged through different mediums such as WhatsApp and email, the company stated in its announcement. This customisation ensures that they have a consistent and non-intrusive connection with their customers over their preferred channels of communication.