Lifebuoy announces the launch of inaugural Metaverse Think Tank

The group will advise Lifebuoy on using disruptive and emerging technology to further its social  mission initiatives

Lifebuoy,  a brand by Unilever, has announced the creation of a Think Tank.

The group of advisors will supercharge Lifebuoy’s social mission and create a ‘Betterverse,’ a Metaverse for social betterment, Unilever announced on July 5.

Think Tank members include:

  • Triveni Rajagopal, Personal Care Digital Transformation Lead, Unilever
  • Linda McBain, Chief Digital Officer, Save the Children, an established partner for Lifebuoy
  • David Kwok, CEO of Tiny Island, based in Singapore
  • Chia Hock Lai, Co-founder, Global Fintech Institute, Co-Chairman, Blockchain Association Singapore, Former & Founding President, Singapore Fintech Association

“We want to separate the signals from the noise around NFT, crypto and Web 3.0,” said Triveni Rajagopal, Head of Digital Skin Cleansing and Oral Care, Unilever. “We can only do this  by working with experts in this field, who can ensure Lifebuoy’s social mission of improving  handwashing behaviors of people around the world will generate significant support. Lifebuoy  recognizes the opportunity in this new digital meta world. We are eager to learn from partners,  creators, and specialists to create a Betterverse – a place where we can ensure good exists.”

Through continued partnership and involvement in new technology, Lifebuoy will help improve the  world’s handwashing habits, the company said in a statement. The Think Tank’s first role will help Lifebuoy navigate the commercial  opportunities in new tech platforms, with more details to be announced later in the year.