Techcombank’s multimillion-dollar partnership with Adobe will enable it to become the first bank in Vietnam to deliver hyper-personalized banking experiences to customers in real time.

Adobe and Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) announced a multimillion-dollar, multi-year partnership on 24 November that will power Techcombank’s digital transformation, making it the first bank in Vietnam to launch an end-to-end customer experience technology platform.

According to a media statement by Adobe, Techcombank is partnering with the tech company to launch innovative offerings for Vietnamese consumers, tapping into market growth in alignment with Vietnam’s national digital transformation strategy for 2025. Using Adobe Experience Cloud, Techcombank will be able to deliver hyper-personalized banking experiences in real time across offline and digital touchpoints. This marks a significant milestone for the banking industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as consumers become increasingly digital-first.

“Today’s consumers are banking across multiple online and offline channels, and it is critical that we meet their expectations wherever they choose to engage or transact,” said Jens Lottner, Chief Executive Officer at Techcombank. “With Adobe’s successful track record of working with leading financial services organizations around the world for the past decade, we are excited to partner with Adobe on our ongoing five-year transformation strategy, and accelerate our journey of being the leader in the customer-led digitization of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) in Vietnam.”

As customers seek experiences that are better, quicker, and more convenient, Techcombank will provide consumers highly tailored, one-to-one experiences that meet their needs – both online and offline. Techcombank’s investment in Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), will form part of the integrated technology platform to help Techcombank determine the best personalization format for individual customers, by analyzing customer browsing behaviors and deploying persona-based discovery paths. This means that customers’ entire experiences will be fully digitized, and customer engagements will happen in real time.

“We are thrilled to be part of Techcombank’s journey to enable the digital transformation of Vietnam’s finance and banking industry,” said Simon Dale, Managing Director of Southeast Asia and Korea at Adobe. “Using Adobe Experience Cloud, Techcombank will be able to deliver better and faster experiences for customers, advancing its long-term vision to inspire a more robust digital skills economy and workforce reskilling in Vietnam.”

Launching inaugural Center of Excellence

Vietnam aims to accelerate national digital transformation efforts in the finance and banking industry, including a target of 70% of bank transactions conducted on digital platforms by 2025. To that end, Techcombank and Adobe have committed to building the digital skills economy by unveiling an inaugural Center of Excellence (CoE), bringing together the most sought-after digital and technology skills to upskill teams and develop digital talent.

“Our CoE will develop the digital capabilities of teams within Techcombank to leverage the tools within Adobe Experience Cloud,” added Dale. “This will simultaneously accelerate the bank’s digital transformation journey and enable the development of industry-leading digital talent within the bank.”