Aim is to empower more brands become activations future-ready in the next normal.

Philippines’ leading livestream shopping network, “Shoppertainment Live” has announced the opening of seven diverse and fully functional “Livestyle” studio sets.

According to a media statement by the company, the live e-commerce network also launches its incubation program through Shoppertainment Academy.

Former shop host and Shoppertainment Live CEO Hiyasmin Neri-Soyao explained that through their data and experience, they were able to identify which categories are going to be on the rise and in demand, hence the creation of multiple livestyle studios namely— Style studios for fashion and beauty, Kitchen studios for cooking and home appliances, Lifestyle studios for talkshows and homecare, Technology studios for mobile and gadgets, Music studios and Recreation studios for entertainment.

“With more studios, we expect more action for the market. The team’s confidence stems from handling the smallest local businesses to the biggest global brands as part of our roster of clients. Shoppertainment Live’s strength is making products sellable, handling diverse products such as cosmetics, clothing, electronics, and everything in between,” Neri-Soyao said.

According to an announcement by the company, Shoppertainment Live also launched its incubation programme for its influencer sellers who are called “influensales” through Shoppertainment Academy, a company initiative that educates and equips Shoppertainment Live presenters to be sale-centric, entertaining and engaging to the market.

“Not all presenters can produce the same numbers for every lifestyle. That is why Shoppertainment Live brought together a diverse group of presenters whom we trained to do ‘influensales’ as opposed to simply producing buzz and engagement for the brand. This follows the company’s philosophy wherein we believe that content is king but they like it better when the cash register rings,” stated Neri-Soyao.

The Next Normal in Live Commerce

According to Neri-Soyao, the live commerce market has been rapidly growing and thriving. And with Filipinos’ eyes stuck to their screens due to the current “new normal” situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Shoppertainment Live has seen 200% growth from its numbers last year in terms of the demand for livestreams from brands.

Undertaking the “next normal”, the company said Shoppertainment Live is coming in equipped for this industry with members from the e-commerce, broadcasting, events, activations, and advertising industries coming together to oversee its growth.