The big boys of mobile advertising face serious challenges from smaller competitors, as advertisers turn to ROI-facused ad spending.

Mobvista’s programmatic advertising subsidiary, Mintegral, has established itself as a leading mobile ad network, achieving good rankings in AppsFlyer’s 16th Performance Index. 

The Index, a pivotal industry benchmark, evaluates platforms based on traffic quality and volume, covering Android and iOS across gaming and non-gaming categories.

2022 marked the first year since 2014 that Google’s and Meta’s combined advertising marketshare dropped below 50%, standing at 48.4%. By the end of 2023, that number is expected to drop to 44.9%.

Mintegral achieved 3rd in Global Volume Rankings, trailing only behind Google Ads and Meta in the Android department, while reaching 5th in Global Volume Rankings for iOS.

The mobile ad network was also ranked overall 2nd in the Gaming category, and a decent standing in the Non-Gaming category.

Shift to ROI-focused ad spending

AppsFlyer noted a shift in advertising budget allocation, with a 20% year-over-year reduction in ad spend for app activations, marking a transition from growth to profitability. 

Advertisers are now focusing on strategic spending to improve ROI. Traffic on the Open Internet, underutilized despite consumers spending more time there compared to major media, offers a more cost-effective option. 

Platforms like Mintegral, with their less competitive and cost-efficient traffic, present an attractive option for developers’ advertising budgets. For instance, its Target ROAS bidding feature has enabled advertisers to acquire users at greater scale and quality while maintaining return on ad spend and improving performance efficiently.

Furthermore, Mobvista’s Q3 2023 financial report shows a substantial 25.9% increase in revenue and a 34.8% rise in profit year-over-year, indicating the strong impact of these enhancements on the company’s growth and market position.

As we approach 2024, expect to see more smaller players rise to challenge the big boys in terms of ad marketshare. Stay tuned!