Optimising ad revenue with OTT: An unparalleled opportunity?

Kavita Shenoy, CEO, and Anand Gopal, the COO of Voiro, explain the importance and applications of OTT advertising in optimising ad revenue.

Advertising is a highly dynamic and lucrative business and proper management can make it more profitable. However, the profit margins have become smaller for media businesses because the digital marketing landscape has become more complex and competitive. Finding more innovative, scalable, reliable, and profit-generating ad solutions is advisable to overcome this problem.

Leading media businesses in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region can optimise their ad revenue with automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud-based solutions, and OTT technology. Simplifying ad technologies in one platform can transform media businesses.

But what is OTT and how can it improve the ad revenue of media organisations?

Kavita Shenoy, the Chief Executive Officer and Anand Gopal, the Chief Operating Officer of Voiro, explain the importance and applications of OTT advertising in optimising ad revenue in this MartechAsia interview.  

Kavita Shenoy, CEO of Voiro

What is OTT and how can it help APAC marketers?

‘Over-the-Top’, more commonly known as OTT, is a technology used to stream content or ads across devices to consumers over the internet. The benefit of OTT is it offers a massive reach. Consumers may not have access to TV at all points of time, but you can carry your smartphone with you wherever you go. For example, you can watch an IPL match on your daily commute or during breaks.

Several studies have also shown that OTT offers an equal or higher level of engagement to television. OTT is one of a few media that offer marketers a combination of brand and performance advertising. And finally, in conjunction with other media, OTT can become part of a larger cross-channel strategy.

What are the different OTT advertising solutions?

For marketers across sectors and products, there are OTT platforms available today that deliver the audience that they are looking for. OTT is one of few media that offers brand as well as performance advertising, thereby allowing marketers to create awareness and drive action. The variety of ad formats available on OTT platforms today far exceeds that on most other media, offering marketers unparalleled choice to drive engagement with their advertisements.

What is ad-revenue optimization and its suitable channels or platforms?

Anand Gopal, the COO of Voiro

Ad revenue optimisation, to put it simply, answers the question of how to make the most money out of your ad inventory. One way of ad revenue generation is to make the most of your first-party data. As we move towards a cookie-less world, how you use your first party data becomes a crucial aspect of ad-revenue optimisation. Another way to optimise revenue is to use all the data you own across your channels, platform, or delivery.

What is the role of Voiro in the OTT market?

Voiro is an ad revenue workspace. We help publishers monetise their media more effectively and efficiently. We help publishers solve problems in the areas of ad sales, ad operations and finance, all of it centered around a view of revenue that is core to each of all businesses in OTT and the broader media sector.

Is OTT here to stay?

The kind of engagement and reach OTT offers to advertisers is unparalleled. Over the years, the world of digital advertising has evolved to meet a wider audience, more effectively. Also, with the advent of CTV, we will see the coming together of television and OTT advertising. So, OTT as a form of advertising and content will stay on the table for some time to come.