ZALORA launches new Community Influencer programme with Impact

Influencers earn while they endorse, with an attractive commission on sales through ZALORA Community Influencer Programme.

ZALORA has partnered with Impact, the leading partnership management platform, to optimise its influencer marketing approach and adopt a commission-based model that invites more crowd participation.

The online fashion and lifestyle platform said that the ZALORA Community Influencer Programme encourages influencers and ZALORA customers to endorse and earn via their social media platforms, rewarding them commission on sales. Recommendations that successfully make sales earn the influencer up to 15% commission in cash back or up to 10% in cash. With over 3000+ brands to feature, community influencers have plenty of opportunities to endorse their personal favourites while earning.

Launched on September 8th, influencers and customers will be able to register for the ZALORA Community Influencer Program via ZALORA’s website.

On its part, Impact’s partnership management technology will make it easy for Zalora to scale the Influencer Community Programme as it automates the full life cycle of any partnership. This means recruiting and onboarding new influencers, contracting, payments, tracking, optimising, fraud protection and measuring can all be easily managed from one user-friendly interface, freeing up the Zalora team to nurture and deepen their engagement with their growing influencer community.

The Community Influencer Programme is open to all customers across markets, the company said in its release.