APAC advertisers see lowest fraud rates globally, says DoubleVerify Global Study

Indonesia witnessed the largest YoY decline (60%) in fraud rates to 0.5% whereas Thailand and Vietnam saw lowest fraud rates in APAC at 0.3%.

APAC experienced the lowest overall sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT)/fraud violation rates at 0.8%, compared to North America (1.5%), EMEA  (1.6%), and LATAM (1.1%).  This is according to DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics.

Indonesia witnessed the largest YoY decline (60%) in fraud rates to 0.5% whereas Thailand and Vietnam saw lowest fraud rates in APAC at 0.3%. 

These insight comes from its  2021 Global Insights  Report, an annual study on the current state of media quality and performance on the Internet.

APAC Insights from the report

“Now more than ever, global advertisers demand greater clarity and confidence in their digital investments,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Brands want evidence of campaign quality and performance to maximise the effectiveness of online advertising. This report reflects the key challenges affecting the ad ecosystem globally – benchmarking the industry at large, while offering in-depth data and analytics to help brands optimise digital strategies.” 

DoubleVerify also shared the following findings from its report encompassing verified video impressions, brand suitability violations, and viewability rates across the region.

Mobile Leads the Way in APAC: 88% of DV verified video impressions in APAC are delivered through mobile devices, almost doubling that of the rest of the world at 45%.  Quality in this channel has also improved. App fraud dropped from 12% to 3% of total fraud/SIVT, and mobile app video viewability increased by 26%, giving APAC an 80%  mobile app video viewability rate.

Outperforming in AVOC: Over 60% of video ads in APAC are delivered to mobile apps,  which has positively impacted overall video performance in audible and in-view on completion (AVOC). APAC’s overall AVOC rate at 34% across all environments is 2.5  times higher than the global average of 11%.

Strides in Addressing Brand Suitability Violations: APAC saw a significant 25% YoY decrease in brand suitability violations, dropping from 11.4% to 8.5%. This meant that it overtook both the EMEA (9.8%) and LATAM (9.2%), trailing only the mature North  America market (6.9%). 

○ Malaysia: 61% decrease in violations

○ Philippines: 43% decrease in violations

○ Thailand: 36% decrease in violations

More Can be Done to Improve Viewability: Despite APAC advertisers achieving a 4%  YoY increase in display viewable rate at 62%, it still trails other regions. APAC  performed better when it came to video viewability. After a 12% YoY increase, APAC’s video viewable rate was 74%, which is ahead of North America while still trailing EMEA  and LATAM. 

○ Japan was an exception to the region, as it almost doubled its video viewable  rates (94% YoY increase) to 82%

For the study, DoubleVerify said it analysed more than one trillion impressions in 80 markets across more than  2,100 brands. The report provides a market-by-market analysis for North America, LATAM,  EMEA, and APAC of video and display impressions measured year-over-year (YoY) from May  2020 to April 2021 across desktop and mobile web, mobile app, and CTV.