Politics, education, and airlines are the most engaging industries on social media platforms

The politics industry emerges as the most engaging category on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The politics industry is the most engaging category on both Facebook and Twitter, according to a report by Socialinsider titled, “2021 Social Media Industry Benchmarks” report.

The trend is among the top three for Instagram as well, as it’s the third most engaging category, with an average rate per post of 2.18%.  

Politics, education, and airlines are the most engaging industries on Instagram, the report revealed.   “More and more brands have been leveraging Instagram for the customer journey. When it comes to social media performance, Instagram drives the most conversations around the brand.  For the politics, education, and airline categories, Instagram is a primary marketing channel for the strategies focused on awareness and conversions,” study highlighted.

“Politics has a way of invoking personal feelings and reactions from audiences, including heated exchanges. And the numbers show it: out of all industries, politics breaks the mold when it comes to engagement,” the study noted.

According to Socialinsider, brands that function under the Politics category have recorded the highest engagement rates per post on both Facebook, 0.69%, as well as Twitter, 0.45%.  These stats are much higher than the overall averages of the platform: over double the engagement on Facebook and tens of times the Twitter engagement.