Adobe announces new innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud

At Adobe Summit 2021, the company announced major new innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform.

Adobe kicked off its global summit on 28 April and announced several innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud, unveiling new enterprise applications with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, and new Adobe Experience Platform capabilities to deliver real-time personalisation at scale.

The digital experience company also announced new content and intelligent commerce capabilities, including a strategic partnership with FedEx.

“The pandemic has shown that brands that put a laser focus on customer experience management come out in front,”  said Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Experience Business and Worldwide Field  Operations, Adobe. “Adobe Experience Cloud with its new innovations released today is bringing businesses closer to  their customers—enabling them to deliver the best digital experiences at speed and scale.”

New Innovations in Adobe Experience Cloud 

Adobe Experience Cloud, which is used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies today, is powering Customer Experience  Management (CXM) for B2B and B2C companies with applications focused on customer journey management, data insights and audiences, content and personalization, commerce and marketing workflows, Adobe said in a statement. Innovations to help  businesses accelerate their digital transformation include:

New Adobe Journey Optimizer: Consumers want to connect in a way that feels personalized and relevant throughout their unique journey, but brands struggle with providing context-aware experiences in real-time, at scale. The new Adobe Journey Optimizer, built on Adobe Experience Platform, is the industry’s only enterprise application designed to help marketers optimize the customer journey across any outbound or inbound customer touchpoint. Brands can now actively listen to customer signals and use intelligent decisioning to anticipate and deliver the most relevant journey at scale by bringing together audience-based outbound marketing with one-on-one engagement.

Next Generation Adobe Real-time CDP: With consumers becoming increasingly attentive to what type of data they are willing to share and third-party cookies in browsers going away, quality first-party data is the best way for marketers to build trusted relationships with customers. Adobe’s next generation Real-time CDP is the only enterprise application architected from the ground up for first-party, data-driven customer acquisition and engagement. And, available today, the B2B edition of Adobe Real-time CDP allows customers to bring together both individual and account profiles for complete intelligence and activation to help B2B companies think and act like B2C brands.

New Customer Journey Analytics: Successful enterprises need a data-driven approach to know their customers and to continuously optimize engagement in a way that ensures each experience is better than the last. New Customer Journey Analytics is the industry’s first enterprise application that allows brands to integrate and standardize their online and offline customer data, enabling anyone—not just data scientists—to connect that data, easily visualize it in a unified view, and better understand the entire journey to better inform marketing strategies.

New Marketing System of Record: Work management solutions must help companies run more efficiently by  centralizing work in a single application, so cross-functional teams can connect, collaborate, and execute the  right work—from anywhere. Following Adobe’s acquisition of Workfront, Adobe previewed its new Marketing  System of Record, which will be the single source of truth for connecting and managing work across the entire  marketing lifecycle, from strategy and planning to execution and measurement.

New Adobe Experience Manager Innovations: New innovations within Adobe Experience Manager help  brands create, manage and optimize the content businesses require at the velocity needed to stay ahead. This  includes Headless Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, which deliver immersive content as data  over APIs and bring advanced AI to content automation. The new Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials will become the default asset management capability in all Adobe Experience Cloud applications and be fully  configurable to ensure access to the best content.

New Adobe Commerce Capabilities: Companies are increasingly relying on digital commerce as the dominant channel to drive business growth. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Product Recommendations in Adobe  Commerce unlock new ways for customers to discover products and Live Search delivers fast and hyper relevant results and search experiences on the merchant’s site. A new collaboration with FedEx will let Adobe  Commerce merchants integrate their storefronts with FedEx ShopRunner, allowing them to offer consumer benefits such as free two-day shipping, seamless checkout, easy returns, and the ability to access FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence.

New Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise: Companies need access to real-time consumer behavioral data to drive decisions that impact real-time experiences at scale. Collecting behavioral data is cumbersome, difficult to manage, and traditional approaches often lead to poor application performance,  negatively impacting the consumer experience. New Collection Enterprise allows companies to use Adobe’s globally distributed, high-performance edge network for collecting data and sending it wherever it needs to go,  whether that be to Adobe’s applications and platform or any other system. And the new lightweight data collection SDKs help ensure that applications are highly performant to provide the best consumer experience.