Yahoo introduces new AI-powered suite for better ad performance optimisation

An evolving AI ecosystem, Yahoo Blueprint serves as a results-driven guide throughout the campaign lifecycle, featuring a simple yet enhanced UI that offers more efficiency and provides recommendations for campaign optimisation to meet advertiser goals.

Yahoo Advertising has recently launched Yahoo Blueprint, a central AI suite that powers performance-based solutions within the Yahoo DSP.

Fueled by over 335 million logged-in Yahoo users globally, the AI-powered suite enhances decisioning, makes AI more accessible, and serves as a results-driven guide throughout the campaign lifecycle to deliver better outcomes for advertisers. This new AI suite has launched with Fortune 500 brand partners and agencies.

The new AI ecosystem is set to undergo continuous enhancement in future phases. Phase one introduces a suite of AI capabilities, including:

    • New Data Visualisations: The new homepage of the Yahoo DSP now centralizes AI-driven insights and recommendations into one easy-to-use hub, enabling advertisers to clearly extract insights and take action quickly.

    • Bidding & Forecasting Precision: Omniscope, an algorithmic forecasting tool, allows advertisers to plan and compare the projected reach and performance of different targeting parameters (ex: audience segment, day parting, inventory type, etc.) across channels, formats, and exchanges. Omniscope aims to enhance omnichannel buying, and with today’s release, equips CTV advertisers with the ability to forecast incremental reach of CTV audiences against linear audiences.
    • Audience Insights: AI-powered insights tool designed to be highly intuitive with easy-to-read charts that leverage Yahoo proprietary data, third-party data, and advertiser first-party data to reveal actionable insights pre-, mid-, and post-campaign.
    • Predictive Audiences: Algorithmic audiences that leverage over one million dimensions like interests, demographics and more – determining the purchase probability of each user to more accurately reach and find advertisers’ next most likely customer.
    • Customer Value Optimisation: An optimisation algorithm that maximises the value of advertisers’ first-party data to find new customers that share the same predicted value of their most prized customers.

“What sets our AI suite apart is the vast scale of proprietary data we tap into before considering third-party or customer first-party data,” said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Yahoo. “In introducing Yahoo Blueprint, we are now allowing advertisers to capitalise on Yahoo’s extensive history of machine learning and data-driven decision-making in a new and accessible way.”

“With Yahoo Blueprint, advertisers always hold the reins,” added Herbst-Brady. “Yahoo Blueprint not only focuses on enhancing performance, but also aims to reduce friction and maintain transparency, ensuring both ease of use and advertiser control.”