What is the key to reaching digital communities?

Putting empathy at the heart of modern creative storytelling is the key to reaching digital communities, says Ogilvy study.

Ogilvy PR Asia has released a new report entitled “Digital  Empathy” that highlights the importance of putting empathy at the centre of digital  communications, enabling brands to deliver meaningful connections and experiences to its  customers at scale. 

With the influencer marketing industry set to grow to US$16.4 billion in 2022, the report  coincides with the recent launch of Ogilvy’s AI Influencer innovation, which has been  embraced by brands including Unilever and Huawei. 

The new wave of digital tools now available to brands, enables them to personalise  storytelling, unlocking remarkable creative possibilities, lowering costs, and enabling  engagement and real time reach. 

The rise of Influencer Marketing

 “Influencer marketing has  risen in both importance and investments, with a 19% industry growth expected in the past  year alone, “ said Emily Poon, President Ogilvy PR and Influence Asia. “The platforms we tell stories on are changing, but success still depends upon  the bedrocks of influence, creativity, and empathy. We have been seeing increasing  demand and interest from clients for us to tap into new storytelling platforms – be they  digital people, digital possessions, or digital spaces – to create content and experiences.  Combining creativity and empathy at the heart of communications can be very powerful,  and making these meaningful connections requires skilled storytellers, with deep insights  into the lives of the people they are trying to engage.”

Ogilvy’s latest report explores how brands can successfully deploy digital humans (AI  influencers), digital possessions (such as NFTs), and digital spaces (metaverses) to engage  communities and craft stories that create positive impact for consumers and brands.

In the face of increasing geopolitical tensions and celebrity scandals, AI influencers are able  to complement traditional influencer marketing, and programmed to be entertaining,  surprising, relatable – and do so at scale and speed. Ogilvy’s emphasis on creativity and  empathy in engagement has ensured that the innovation’s AI Brain training, content and  engagements are authentic and empathetic – and nuanced to the audiences that brands  are communicating to with their bespoke AI influencers. 

 “We can create an AI influencer  that starts as a brand ambassador and create other versions that are used as brand and  product consultants,” said Cam Dieu Nguyen, Ogilvy Asia’s Influence Lead. “AI influencers can be end-to-end solutions, generating awareness  and interest as well as leading to greater conversion and loyalty.”

According to the agency, Ogilvy’s AI influencer offering is the first in a portfolio of cutting-edge, technology-enabled  services launching under Ogilvy PR Asia’s Innovation practice. Built on Ogilvy’s creative  DNA, its team of innovation experts – data scientists, creative technologists, influence  architects and AI engineers – help brands to drive personalised social engagement and  content creation at scale, delivering impactful communications and outcomes for clients.