WGSN launches consumer tech vertical

Led by Singaporean Content Director Lisa Yong, the vertical looks to help companies better predict their consumers’ needs.

WGSN launched its new Consumer Tech vertical with a focus on product experience and driven by technology’s ever-growing presence in our lives, the trend forecasting company announced on 7 October.

According to a media release by the company,  WGSN Consumer Tech vertical will help brands, product designers, manufacturers and business owners in Asia to innovate with purpose and create meaningful consumer-first products and experiences.

The new Consumer Tech vertical is led by Singaporean Content Director Lisa Yong, based in Silicon Valley, who has over 20 years of design experience spanning Asia, Europe and USA. Within the tech industry, Lisa has worked with the likes of Philips, Motorola and Y Studios. She has a deep understanding of the socio-cultural aspects of technology, the intricacy of tech, as well as the future of human communication.

“The breakneck speed at which Asian consumers are adopting new technologies has only been accelerated by the global pandemic and active programs by regional governments to digitise their economies,” said Lisa. “The next 10 years will see technology transform or disrupt almost all industries, changing the way we live, work, play and move in the new reality. As technology continues to permeate all aspects of our lives, it’s vital for companies to understand new behaviours and expectations in tech consumerism, and develop the right products that consumers will want and need for years to come. WGSN Consumer Tech works across industries to outline the shifts that can be actioned today and built on tomorrow.”

“WGSN Consumer Tech offers specialised insights into evolving consumer tech trends, from up-to-the-minute movements to 10-year forecasts, on one platform. With a talent map of over 250 people around the world, WGSN provides global trend insights and expertly curated data. We empower clients to develop products and services today, for tomorrow’s world,” said Carla Buzasi, President & CEO of WGSN.

The rapid technological transformation in Asia has been led by highly adaptable digital consumers who are increasingly enthusiastic about adopting new technologies2. The SYNC Southeast Asia report by Facebook, Bain & Company estimates that there will be 350 million digital consumers in Southeast Asia by the end of 2021, with Indonesia clocking the region’s highest growth rate of 15 percent in the region.

 Future of Consumer Tech 2030 released

WGSN Consumer Tech also released its first flagship report entitled Future of Consumer Tech 2030, which provides actionable insights to help tech businesses adapt and make the most out of the systemic changes affecting the post-pandemic world. Key insights in the report include the rise of the augmented self, an increased focus on regeneration and survival, and a post-pandemic focus on wellness that will accelerate consumer adoption of health-tech.  

WGSN Consumer Tech also released other highly insightful reports including Consumer Tech Personas 2023, Colour, Material, Finish (CMF) Forecast for 2023, further insights into Ambient Technology and a variety of key trend reports ranging from in-car entertainment, technology for remote work to inclusive sex tech and oral care innovations.