MoEngage unveils AI-driven, predictive insights

Company says it will help marketers drive customer engagement at scale.

MoEngage has announced the release of new, cutting-edge AI capabilities during its latest MoEngage Next event.

According to the insights-led customer engagement platform, “its new product updates and AI-driven approach to personalised engagement enable consumer brands to gain deeper insights into their customers’ behaviour, journey, likes, preferences, affinities, and more”.

With the latest innovations in the proprietary AI engine Sherpa, MoEngage empowers marketers to easily craft meaningful, personalised, cross-channel experiences at scale, said the company in a media statement. 

“Marketers today need to craft personalised experiences for millions of customers. To do that, they need to analyse trillions of data points, understand their customers deeply, and then craft winning engagement campaigns. MoEngage’s AI Engine, Sherpa, analyzes these data points and offers intelligent, actionable insights to marketers, helping them shift from a campaign-centric approach to a customer-centric approach,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO and Co-founder of MoEngage.

According to the companies statement, the key updates to MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform include:

  • Affinity Segments empower marketers to move beyond basic customer segmentation based on purchase history, age, location, gender, etc. 
  • Predictive Insights enablemarketers to understand the possible future actions of their customers to maintain a competitive advantage and build stronger relationships. Marketers can identify which customers are likely to churn, become inactive, or purchase more to craft more relevant engagement campaigns. 
  • Most Preferred Channel” and “Best Time to Send” allow marketers to analyse the behaviour of millions of consumers, identifying the optimal channel and time for each individual, respectively.

MoEngage has also announced a UX redesign of Flows, its cross-channel journey builder, which makes it easier for marketers to craft automated cross-channel customer journeys at scale.