GfK launches AI-supported intelligence platform “gfknewron”

New platform offers guidance for strategic planning and predictions in one interactive source.

GfK has launched gfknewron, its integrated, AI-powered software platform, the consumer and market intelligence, analytics and consulting services provider announced recently.

The Gfk company said in its media statement that using gfknewron, companies can now access market, consumer and brand data from a single source of truth to answer questions like: What was bought where and at what price? Who bought it and why? What should I do next to grow my business?

According to the company, the AI-supported predictions and practical guidance will support sustainable business growth.

This new platform is an important step in GfK’s transformation from classical market researcher towards an AI-powered data analytics and consulting company, the company said in its statement. It uses the latest analytics capabilities to enrich accurate data with intelligence, to offer strategic decision support, planning and forecasts – all within one software platform as the single source of truth.

The powerful combination of data, AI powered analytics and clear recommendations displayed in the modules ‘gfknewron Market’, ‘gfknewron Consumer’ and ‘gfknewron Predict’ gives companies a significant advantage in today’s fiercely competitive markets, said the company.

“At GfK, we know that to win in today’s intensely pressurised and fast-moving business environment, our clients need more than pure data,” said Peter Feld, CEO of GfK. “They need us to provide strategic guidance and market predictions rooted in that data. The business intelligence platform gfknewron has been designed to provide all that information on one intuitive platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. We will empower our clients to adopt a much more data- and analytics-centred way of working. This is also an important milestone in the transformation of GfK from market researcher to an AI-powered data analytics and consulting company, enabled by a complete Software as a Service infrastructure.”