Amazon launches IP Accelerator in Singapore

This is to help small businesses secure trademarks and protect their brands.

Amazon launched the Intellectual Property  Accelerator (IP Accelerator) in Singapore on 26 August, making it easier and more cost effective for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to obtain trademarks, protect their brands and tackle infringing goods both in  Amazon’s stores and the broader marketplace.

Available to any brand selling in Amazon’s stores, Amazon said its IP Accelerator directly connects Singapore SMB owners with a curated network of local law firms charging competitive, pre-negotiated rates on key services,  giving SMBs easy access to expert legal and general IP advice that may otherwise be a cost-prohibitive or complex process.

To date, the list of participating firms in Singapore includes Ella Cheong LLC, Viering,  Jentschura & Partner, Francine Tan Law Corporate, and Tan Peng Chin LLC.

“Securing IP rights is essential for every business owner, especially those interested to go global. Many  SMBs in Singapore have grown their businesses with Amazon, reaching millions of customers on and Amazon’s stores around the world. We are pleased to introduce the IP Accelerator program, which will build on that success by protecting their intellectual property and set them up for long term growth,” said Bernard Tay, Head of Global Selling for Southeast Asia at Amazon. 

IP Accelerator was launched in the United States in 2019, and has since expanded to Europe, Japan,  Canada, Mexico, India, and now Singapore. Since the launch, more than 7,000 trademark applications from participating brands have been submitted to trademark offices including the U.S. Patent and 1 Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the UK Intellectual Property Office,  the Japan Patent Office, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the Instituto Mexicaon de la Propiedad  Industial, and the India Trade Marks Registry.

Amazon said it does not charge selling partners to use IP Accelerator – SMBs pay their law firm directly for the work performed at reduced, pre-negotiated rates. Businesses interested in IP Accelerator can visit Law firms that are interested in participating in the program should contact