How Happy Marketer and TÜV Rheinland collaborated towards marketing efficiency

TÜV Rheinland’s data gathering, analysis, and reporting efficiency greatly improved at 130% as a result of the collaboration.

A world’s leading testing service provider, TÜV Rheinland, with more than 20,600 employees, collaborated with Happy Marketer to improve marketing efficiency. Data collection, consolidation, and analysis have always been challenging for TÜV Rheinland because their digital and media attributions were under separate providers. They needed to use excel for insight generation, which was time-consuming. Hence, this tedious task came in the way of their focus on developing strategic plans.

Managing data can be a great challenge with a wide array of marketing tools that marketers are using nowadays. By integrating everything into a centralised place, launching and monitoring digital marketing campaigns makes it a lot easier and faster.

The Winning Solution

With Happy Marketer entering the scene, they set up a single integrated solution within a few weeks, combining multiple attribution models, customer journey analysis, and top-down and bottom-up for unified scenario planning and metric monitoring. TÜV Rheinland has a centralised database environment for different marketing data sources. In addition, insights delivery involves the application of cutting-edge reporting and analytics tools.

The core reporting capabilities of Happy Marketer’s integrated solution has helped TÜV Rheinland greatly benefit from data standards, templates, customisations, and optimisations. Data standards are supporting rapid onboarding and insights. On the other hand, templates are now helping the marketing team focus on the relevant metrics, and customisations are increasing TÜV Rheinland resonance. Internal resources can now focus on strategic planning with constant optimisation.

The Impressive Results

The Happy Marketer and TÜV Rheinland collaboration resulted in impressive marketing results, in which 13 dashboards for teammates can access 600 campaigns in one view, saving 68 hours monthly with live reporting using an integrated solution. TÜV Rheinland’s data gathering, analysis, and reporting efficiency greatly improved at 130%.

According to Jane Lim, the APAC IMEA Regional Director of Marketing & Communications of TÜV Rheinland, they were very pleased with the speed and agility of implementing the Happy Marketer integrated solution. It eliminated the need for excel, scaling across 28 regional markets.