With 15 new research services, Forrester will help firms sustain and accelerate the pace of business and digital transformation post pandemic.

Forrester has announced a new portfolio, Forrester Decisions, designed for leaders and their teams to shorten the distance between bold vision and superior business impact.

The research firm announced this on 4 May, in response to the pandemic driving massive changes in consumer behaviours, experiences, work, technology, and business resilience, forcing firms to adapt their business strategies and accelerate the need for customer-obsessed strategies.

“Global business leaders have been relying on Forrester to understand what’s next and the impact of changing market dynamics on their business strategy,” said Dane Anderson, senior vice president of international products and research at Forrester. “With Forrester Decisions, firms will be able to anticipate those market-changing trends and tackle today’s priorities. This new research portfolio is transformational in how we work with and guide our clients to accelerate their growth. It is designed to help clients address their business priorities through a combination of visionary research, strategic models and frameworks, and hands-on guidance for execution.”

Forrester Decisions will help executives, functional leaders, and their teams — across technology, marketing, customer experience (CX), sales, and product management — plan and guide them through their most pressing initiatives for driving growth in a post-pandemic world, the research firm said in a statement.

The new portfolio will also offer an enhanced digital platform, with tools for team members to collaborate within their function and across the organiSation, as well as new data and certification course content, Forrester said in the statement.

Forrester Decisions services will be available in August 2021.