Andy MacMillan, one of the champions of the global CX industry, the founder of UserTesting, a US-listed tech startup that offers video-based human insights to global businesses and the author of UserTested, shares his thoughts on CX adoption and innovation in Singapore.

Singapore is a hotbed for CX innovation in APAC. Why is it critical for APAC brands to up their marketing strategies by adopting CX now itself?

Customers are empowered like never before with an incredible number of choices and also very visible feedback mechanisms.  The ability to empathize with customers, meet their needs, and deliver delightful experiences enables brands to capture market share and create positive brand momentum.  The inability to do so results in customers swiftly moving to competing products and sharing their displeasure with others.

What are the advantages and value of real-time customer feedback?

Markets and customer sentiment move faster today than ever before. Having access to fast, real-time customer feedback that builds empathy and understanding of the problems customers face is critically important in a rapidly changing world.

Is Singapore leading or following the west in terms of tech-driven (AI/ML) CX?

We see tremendous thought leadership in the region in terms of finding ways to use data, machine learning, and analytics to capture, quantify, and distribute CX insights. Leading brands and forward leaning organizations are moving quickly to find a competitive edge in this space.

Share some of UserTesting’s customer acquisition & marketing success stories from Singapore and APAC markets?

We’ve opened our APAC HQ in Singapore and have been investing in sales, marketing, and customer success team members. Our focus is on illuminating the power for human insight as part of the overall CX solution landscaping and helping our customers implement our strategic platform for helping digital product teams get fast feedback from real people. Our marketing strategies have included a mix of digital programs, online events, and in-person events focused on sharing customer success stories and highlighting use cases. 

How Customer Insights can simplify the lives of Marketing & Product Managers?

Fast access to real customer insights enables marketers and product managers to be more agile, to test out differentiated and more exciting concepts, and to also ensure that they are getting a diverse point of view as part of their creative process. We see organizations creating workflows that include testing early concepts, getting feedback on prototypes and product betas, and also seeing customers using products and consuming marketing campaigns that are in-market – often reviewing both their solutions and those of competitors. Having your ‘finger on the pulse’ of evolving customer needs, attitudes, and preferences is absolutely critical in today’s fast past digital-empowered marketplaces.