APAC marketers and advertisers can now align digital ad campaigns with broader sustainability goals using Green Media Products through Yahoo.

Brands, media agencies, and the advertising supply chain must do their part to attain carbon neutrality. Digital marketing agencies, products, processes, and strategies can achieve carbon neutrality by calculating their carbon emissions and compensating them through carbon offsetting projects.

Scope3 is an excellent example, which allows sellers and publishers to contribute to the company’s high-quality carbon removal projects. On January 9, 2023, in Singapore, Yahoo announced its integration with Scope3, offering carbon-neutral private marketplace (PMP) media via Yahoo supply side platform SSP.

Sustainability Problem In Digital Marketing

The advertising digital media industry generates an enormous carbon footprint because of the high-volume ad transactions and digital ad supply chain complexity. An average online ad campaign in the United Kingdom alone generates an estimated 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide, wherein each digital ad impression produces up to 1.09 grams of carbon dioxide before offsetting.

Digital ads destroy the Earth, so businesses must act. Daily viewing of digital ads, banners, multiple search ads, video pre-rolls, interstitials, and digital-out-of-home ads in shopping malls and city streets generates a massive carbon footprint impact.

Aside from the cost of equipment rental, crew travel, and post-production to produce digital ad creatives, carbon emissions are also high in programmatic ad transactions or automated buying and selling of digital advertising space. The same holds with tracking ad performance on websites using multiple scripts and ad delivery across mobile apps, web, desktop, and connected TVs.

Scope3 and Yahoo Integration Addresses Sustainability Problem

The Scope3 and Yahoo integration opens new opportunities, allowing advertisers to purchase Scope3 Green Media Products via the Yahoo SSP. Scope3 was created to address the sustainability problem in the industry, measuring end-to-end emissions across the advertising and media supply chain, enabling organisations to reduce carbon footprint. Digital agencies and brands can now progress towards attaining net zero (or reducing greenhouse gas or carbon emissions closer to zero as much as possible) by allocating spend to GMPs.

The foundation of Scope3’s solutions relies on a powerful and unique methodology, delivering a trustworthy, end-to-end, detailed, and accurate data model of ad delivery emissions. Scope3 draws from full-complement data sources augmented by computational modeling and machine learning.

Yahoo SSP allows publishers to maximize inventory monetization across any screen in a transparent and trusted platform via unique, premium advertiser demand. It is part of Yahoo’s full-stack suite of ad technology platforms.

Advertisers and marketers buying via the Yahoo SSP can quickly find and purchase Scope3-powered Green Media Products to align digital ad campaigns with broader sustainability goals. Specifically, Scope3 helps advertisers buying through Yahoo factor carbon into their business decision.

Sustainable Advertising To Reduce Carbon Footprints

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, the Chief Revenue Officer of Yahoo, explained that the industry must move and consider sustainability in purchasing decisions. Yahoo is excited to provide access to green media products powered by Scope3 via Yahoo SSP.

She explained, “This adds another layer of choice and flexibility to our customers. Scope3 provides a measurement of each publisher’s carbon emissions within the PMPs we now offer, creating a clear path for advertisers to invest in these ad impressions while also rewarding publishers that are transitioning to greener, lower carbon footprints with greater demand for their supply.”, she added.

The head of global and strategic partnerships, Brenda Tuohig, at Scope3, said, “There are few platforms that can provide the global reach and scale of Yahoo. That, combined with Yahoo’s enthusiasm for driving increased adoption of sustainable advertising practices, makes this integration an incredible milestone for changing the industry.”

She added, “By offering access to Scope3’s Green Media Products directly in the platform, Yahoo is giving brands worldwide a simple and standardized way to shift their buying behavior in favor of more sustainable media while helping ensure responsible publishers continue to thrive.”

Green Media Products, the new PMPs powered by Scope3 data, are available globally via any demand side platform (DSP) that’s connected to the Yahoo SSP, which includes Yahoo’s industry-leading DSP.

Indeed, the integration of Yahoo and Scope3 solutions will open new opportunities for advertisers in the Asia Pacific Region. As the demand for digital advertising continues to increase, advertisers can embrace such sustainability efforts to protect the environment and improve their business image at the same time. The call for this environmental cause is very clear, enabling APAC businesses to become more aware, sustainable, and worthy of patronizing.