How Huawei’s Ads strategy helps APAC marketers

Huawei’s Rei Xiao explains the latest Huawei ads strategy and how it can help marketers in APAC.

Marketers in the Asia Pacific region are becoming more aware of the importance of mobile ads as more people rely on mobile technology. Now more than ever, many consume information digitally through their smartphones and other internet-capable devices. Therefore, embracing mobile advertising is a smart move for every business. With the right mobile ad strategies, brands can accelerate their customer engagement to drive demand and sales. 

Huawei, a global leader in telecommunications technology, shares its latest mobile ads strategy in a MartechAsia interview with Rei Xiao, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, APAC Region, Huawei.

What is Huawei’s latest strategy for HUAWEI Ads? 

HUAWEI Ads provides precise reach and intelligent ad distribution, aiming to help our advertisers achieve their business goals by exploring a new pool of users within Huawei mobile ecosystem. This is made possible with Huawei’s all-scenario “1+8+N” strategy. Under the “1+8+N” strategy, the smartphone serves as One (1) center, and Huawei’s ecosystem partners connect across Eight (8) supporting devices to create a fully-connected IoT environment consisting of Endless (N) services, which is a key advantage for more cohesive data. 

Built upon Huawei’s established mobile ecosystem, HUAWEI Ads is leveraging the synergies between Huawei’s devices, native apps, open capabilities, and over 41,000 third-party app media integrated into its network. This gives us the advantage to connect the data dots across various smart devices and apps, and helps advertisers reach out to more than 730 million global potential customers on our mobile ecosystem. 

Indeed, Huawei has successfully developed a mobile ad strategy that utilises the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Marketers can take advantage of connected devices and their relevant gathered data to reach and engage with more customers through Huawei Ads. 

What makes HUAWEI Ads different from its competitors?

Following the above question, our ad platform relies on Huawei’s mobile ecosystem and interacts with the Huawei devices’ algorithms and architecture. This makes us the most effective ad platform to help brands tap into a pool of new audiences in the world’s third largest mobile ecosystem. Also, the HUAWEI Ads Data Management Platform (DMP) provides marketers with an in-depth understanding of the target audience at both the device and app levels, which is helpful for advertisers in optimising their ad strategies. 

With HUAWEI Ads DMP, APAC marketers don’t need to worry about the complexity of harnessing data across devices and applications. This helps marketers focus on the most important things, such as creating engaging and profit-generating mobile ads.

Rei Xiao, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, APAC Region, Huawei

What are the different ways HUAWEI Ads can help marketers in APAC? 

We are constantly updating and adding new ad features to our platform to meet diverse advertising objectives. Besides the technical improvements, in order to ensure our advertisers a smooth and efficient ad experience, we have also set up HUAWEI Ads teams in APAC key markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand. Our ad experts are always ready to provide dedicated support and customised solutions for APAC advertisers/marketers at every stage of the ad journey, be it from onboarding to the launch of their ad campaigns. 

As Huawei continues to enhance its ad features and benefits, APAC marketers have more marketing options to choose from to help optimise their mobile brand marketing strategies.

Why should brands shift to mobile ads marketing? 

Accelerated mobile adoption has changed the ways users consume information and how they make buying decisions. Marketers should also keep up with this trend, widening their audience bases and reaching additional users through mobile ad strategy. Every ad platform has its own uniqueness based on its user portfolio. Advertisers are recommended to diversify their ad resources where possible, in order to maximise brand exposure to potential audiences and drive competitiveness. 

Mobile ads marketing is a crucial aspect of digital transformation, revolutionizing how brands engage with their intended audience at the touch of their fingertips. This marketing concept provides brand engagement convenience to digital-age consumers who are always on the go.

What are Huawei’s plans to improve its paid presentation service in the next two years?

HUAWEI Ads will continue to broaden our ad solutions and capabilities, and at the same time expand the partner publishers list for ad partners to unlock further opportunities in the digital advertising environment. 

Additionally, we will be organising a series of ad summits in APAC markets including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand as part of our services. At these HUAWEI Ads Summits, industry experts will be invited to share their first-hand industry insights and knowledge, aiming to empower advertisers in making better ad decisions and strategies.