Secoo creating its own Black Card of exquisite lifestyle, turning users into spokesman

BEIJING, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Secoo Group(NASDAQ:SECO) has made an official announcement that it will build up a Black Card service system concerning exquisite lifestyle–to turn its high-end users into its spokesman.

According to Bain& Company’s annual China Luxury Report 2021, despite mounting global social and economic challenges, China’s Luxury goods mainland market(not include Hongkong and Macao ) finished 2021 with strong double-digit growth overall, with some brands exceeding a 70% increase. Even though China market has reached a high level of digitization and continues to grow, the report forecasts that the online sales of China market’s person luxury goods will increase approximately by 56%.   

It shows that the most concerned China’s high-end users of luxury goods has shifted from offline consumption to online consumption due the epidemic outbreak. On top of that, consumers use to be influenced by others when they make luxury goods purchase decision and now they tend to be more rational. A newly-released report by Bain&Company Unpacking Asia-Pacific Consumers’ New Love Affair With Sustainability suggests that 90% of the respondents of a survey of 16,000 consumers in Asia-Pacific countries are willing to pay for products’ sustainability and 40% of the respondents show willingness to increase their budgets on sustainable products in next 3 years.   

As a world famous exquisite lifestyle platform, Secoo mainly focuses on high-end consumer market and believes that high-end consumers will be the trend of domestic personal luxury goods. Since its foundation in 2008, Secoo has been dedicated to providing the latest and smartest fashion items for high-end users. As of now, Secoo has more than 50 million registered high-end users, covering over 4000 high-end brands of clothing, shoes and boot, bags, watches, jewelry and accessories. As the global epidemic continues, high-end users’ demands for exquisite life have changed significantly.

In consideration of the needs of high-end users, Secoo has launched its Black Card service system concerning exquisite lifestyle. Nevertheless, the services provided is not standardized, instead, it’s personalized and customized luxury service. Based on the personalized demands, Secoo will tailor the high-end customized service for users by providing both online and offline services. Experts, buyers and consultants from various high-end areas of life will provide the most detailed services and experiences for its users covering life modes and scenes.  

As Li Rixue,  the founder of Secoo, says that Secoo, even though works in luxury goods industry, aims to be companies like American Express and Michelin and a world famous company needs to standardized its service down to the smallest detail. So Secoo now needs to constantly optimize existing service standards as well as to refine and categorize users’ demands so as to provide personalized services for each user. Only in this way can Secoo turn its users to potential spokesman.