Ant Group launches Alipay+ D-store  Solution  at Singapore FinTech Festival 2022

Alipay+ D-storeprovides a suite of toolkits to digitalize merchants’ payments, operations, services and marketing.

Ant Group officially launched on 2 November its Alipay+ D-store  at the  Singapore FinTech Festival 2022.

Alipay+ D-store is a business digitalization solution  designed to support the service industry, especially brick-and-mortar businesses to digitalize  their operations to boost efficiency and productivity, group said in media release.

An integrated one-stop solution which businesses can use to build digital stores across  multiple digital platforms in a fast, scalable and cost-efficient way, Alipay+ D-store  provides  a suite of toolkits to digitalize merchants’ payments, operations, services and marketing,  unlocking new revenue opportunities and delivering better services to consumers.

According to the media statement by Alipay, businesses could have digital stores on digital platforms in the form of mini programmes.  Digital stores could also be developed as H5 pages and easily embedded in social media  and online to reach consumers. Digital platforms currently partnering with Alipay+ D-storeTM  include Chope, Alipay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, AlipayHK, etc. 

“We welcome more digital platforms to collaborate to accelerate the digitalization of the  global service industry together,” Dr. Cherry Huang, Global Head of Alipay+ D-store  said.

“Leveraging digital solutions is critical for the service industries to boost operational  efficiency and adapt to the fast-changing market conditions. The Alipay+ D-store  solution  is developed with the goal to make it easier for brick-and-mortar businesses to go digital at  scale, so that businesses can better serve and engage digital-savvy consumers by providing  a seamless omni-channel experience,” She added.

Having identified the F&B industry a priority sector, Alipay+ D-store  solution has been  adopted by brands including fast food chain Burger King, Koufu, one of Singapore’s most  established and largest operators and managers of food courts and coffee shops, and more  than 2,000 local restaurants, cafes and eateries in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR,  China and other markets. 

At the Festival, Alipay+ D-store  also unveiled its newest customer, Huggs Coffee, one of  Singapore’s largest homegrown cafe chain brands specializing in coffee with over 20 outlets.  Huggs will work with Alipay+ D-store  to digitalize its outlets and operations efficacy,  allowing customers to access seamless services through its digital store on Chope and other  platforms in future.