Amplitude Experiment introduced to run higher impact A/B tests

Amplitude Experiment ,the industry’s first experimentation solution is powered by customer behaviour and product analytics.

Amplitude has introduced Amplitude Experiment, the industry’s first experimentation solution powered by customer behaviour and product analytics, the Digital optimisation company announced on June 4.

According to the company, Amplitude Experiment provides organisations an end-to-end experimentation and delivery workflow that integrates customer data into every step from generating a hypothesis to targeting users to measuring results. Organisations are empowered to run higher impact A/B tests and remotely configure experiences for key segments without incremental engineering work.

“Every company needs to be digital first, but too many are guessing what they should build next and wasting time on experiments that are doomed to fail,” said Justin Bauer, SVP Product, Amplitude. “Since Experiment is powered by customer behaviour, businesses can free themselves from low-impact activities and get the invaluable insight that can accelerate and truly scale how they design and deliver digital products and experiences. This is an entirely new chapter for A/B testing that enables any company –

whether they’re digital native or embarking on their digital transformation journey – to make bigger and smarter bets that drive stronger business results.”

The company said that with the addition of the Amplitude Experiment solution, organisations have a complete learning and growth loop from insight to action to testing and delivery all within a single system.