SwitchBot Lock launches, making dumb locks smart in seconds

HONG KONG, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SwitchBot, one of the largest retrofitting smart home brands, is today announcing the availability of its Lock. It is the best way to make the door lock smart without refitting, so users can control their door to open or lock via smartphone or Apple Watch when back home.

SwitchBot Lock – $99.99 from web store and Amazon US.

No refit is needed during the installation

The biggest upgrade of SwitchBot Lock is it doesn’t need any refit on the current lock to make it smart. SwitchBot Lock uses 3M VHB to stick to the door and has a thumb-turn adapter to control the thumb-turn to lock or unlock. No refit on the current lock is needed during the installation.

Lock/unlock via SwitchBot App on smartphones and Apple Watch, or using widgets

SwitchBot Lock supports Bluetooth. You can use SwitchBot App on your smartphone or Apple Watch to open it when getting home. SwitchBot Lock has an automated lock feature so that when you leave your house, the door will automatically lock.

Remote control and voice assistant supported

By adding a SwitchBot Hub Mini, users can control unlock or lock remotely to let a family member or a friend in when you are not home yet. Both Google and Alexa voice assistant are supported to lock or unlock (to ensure security, you need to tell the voice assistant your pre-set password before opening your door).

SwitchBot Keypad is coming soon with password and fingerprint unlock

SwitchBot will also launch a Keypad and Keypad Touch to work with Lock. Keypad allows you to input password unlock the door; Keypad Touch allows you to input password or use your fingerprint to unlock the door. You can also create and share a temporary password with the housekeepers or your renters.

Compatible with most deadbolt locks

SwitchBot lock is compatible with most deadbolt locks. It also promises to provide 3D-printed accessories to users for more compatibility.

The SwitchBot Lock also includes features such as:

  • Quality of over 50,000 times of lock/unlock: Equal to users’ 5-year usage.
  • 6 months of battery life
  • Widget control: no need to open the App, lock, or unlock on the smartphone’s home screen.
  • Lock/unlock notification, get notified when the door is open or locked.
  • Bank-security level data encryption 

High-res imagery and video is available here.