Onion Global’s Strategy Helps Chinese Brands “Go Global”

GUANGZHOU, China, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Onion Global Limited (“Onion Global”, the “Group” or the “Company”) (NYSE: OG), a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that incubates, markets, and distributes the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future brands to young people in China and across Asia, recently announced that it completed several overseas product launches as part of its “Go Global” strategy to help premium Chinese brands extend their reach and boost sales overseas. With its extensive brand-building capabilities, Onion Global helps domestic brands overcome the difficulties in overseas marketing, elevating their brand image while establishing closer connections with global consumers and capturing more market share.

Demand-driven strategy enables private label brands to “go global”

Leveraging its extensive experience in brand management and in-depth consumer insights, Onion Global has transformed itself from a cross-border trader into a brand management platform. It is now entering the global arena with its “Go Global” strategy, moving from importing products to exporting brands across the globe.

Onion Global recently launched its private label brand Spirgo, a Malay dictionary-pen product targeting Malaysian students. With efficient and diversified translation functions, Spirgo can translate 55 languages, perform voice translation for 112 languages, and scan and translate 60 words in one minute, greatly enhancing the convenience of learning multiple languages for local students. Through leveraging high-quality overseas KOLs and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, Onion Global has achieved a successful overseas launch for Spirgo.

Multi-platform marketing to propel Chinese brands into the global market

In addition to the private label brand incubation, Onion Global conducted a full-service promotion campaign in Thailand for Colorkey, a third-party Chinese beauty brand for younger generations. Through precision marketing via Facebook featuring Dilraba, Colorkey’s spokesperson and a renowned Chinese Celebrity, Onion Global successfully attracted many Dilraba fans in Thailand to share their product experiences and reviews. Colorkey gained high brand exposure via news feeds with 100,000 views and reaching over 150,000 users in Thailand.

Mr. Cong (Kenny) Li, Founder, and CEO of Onion Global, commented, “We hope that our offerings can be integrated into the lifestyles of users around the world. Our vision is to be ubiquitous, and our aim is for our products and services to penetrate every aspect of consumers’ lives, giving rise to our mission of ‘creating a better lifestyle for this generation and many more to come’. We are now helping domestic brands expand overseas, making premium products accessible in the global market, which is an extension of our corporate vision and mission. Compared with ‘Made in China‘as a brand proposition to expand overseas, our brand-led “Go Global” branding strategy can cultivate more loyal consumers and enhance brand premiums. With our in-depth brand management experience and deep consumer insights, Onion Global is able to facilitate Chinese brands’ expansion overseas. Going forward, Onion Global will continue to incubate and cultivate high-quality brands, actively helping Chinese brands ‘go global’, making Chinese brands and products accessible globally.”

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Onion Global Limited (NYSE: OG) is a next-generation lifestyle brand platform that incubates, markets, and distributes the world’s fresh, fashionable, and future brands, which we refer to as “3F brands,” to young people in China and across Asia. The Company’s mission is to be the dream factory of lifestyle brands for young people. The Company’s platform offers an integrated solution to develop, market, and distribute new and inspiring branded products, thereby reshaping the lifestyle shopping and consumer culture in China. Onion Global Limited has been listed on New York Stock Exchange since May 2021.

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