Can media outreach be made affordable and borderless?

In this interview, Manni Sidhu, CEO and co-founder of Coleegs, discusses his journey of entrepreneurship and how he founded Coleegs to make media outreach affordable and borderless leveraging technology.

Coleegs is Tech Startup that specialises in Media Outreach, helping businesses get published in top tier media around the world.

In this interview, Manni Sidhu, the CEO and Co-Founder of Coleegs, talks about why 80 percent of businesses need to stand out amongst the noise but cannot tell their story because they cannot afford PR. Because typical agencies are expensive and simply haven’t evolved to the needs of businesses today. 

Covid-19 has significantly cut company budgets for marketing, yet Coleegs’ clientele grew 40% in this period. One factor is that their tech-based approach reduces costs by automating various processes. 

According to Sidhu, the combination of industry experts, technology and innovative thinking has helped to build a new age business model that competes with PR agencies, enables global communication, but most importantly, helps voice the stories of unheard business owners from across the globe.