Lemma rolls out first independent SSP for DOOH

First DOOH player from Asia to launch an independent SSP.

Lemma, a leading player in programmatic DOOH space, has announced the launch of their latest independent Supply Side Platform (SSP) for DOOH.

Independent of any asset ownership, Lemma’s SSP aims to address the imperative need of transparency for measuring ROI on DOOH spends by advertisers, the NY, USA-headquartered company said in its press release.

According to the announcement, the SSP is built with the intent of delivering objective, exact and timely reports to advertisers, much in line with Lemma’s values of “Trust & Transparency”. 

Lemma SSP will ensure clarity at all levels, right from providing brands with quality and brand safe inventory to visibility in real media costing, the company said in their statement.

Lemma SSP will also provide 3rd party validation through standard DSP integration with the likes of Media Math, Google DV 360 and Yahoo!. This validation ensures that advertisers avoid wasteful spends resulting from fraudulent audience counts and inactive screen status. 

“As programmatic DOOH scales across various markets it becomes essential for stakeholders to provide transparent solutions to advertisers to win their trust and encourage them to spend more on the medium. However, this must be practiced without any compromises from either side,” said Gulab Patil, Founder and CEO of Lemma.  Keeping this in mind we’ve developed Lemma SSP, an unbiased independent platform that brings in trust, transparency, accurate validation & efficient price discovery and enables all stakeholders to equally benefit from a part of the programmatic ecosystem.”

Currently, the Lemma SSP covers 150,000 screens, and aims to achieve a total global coverage of 300,000 screens by the end of this year.