Deal aimed at enhancing innovation of advertising platform, and harnessing ‘global localization’ advantage.

China’s Baidu has signed a partnership deal making Nativex its official marketing agency.

Nativex said the partnership deal with Baidu–recognized as the primary Internet search engine in China–will usher in new growth prospects for developers and brands worldwide that work with Nativex.

Known as the Chinese “Google,” Baidu commands the top spot in China’s search market share and boasts more than a billion users.

The search engine is also said to be the foremost touchpoint for global businesses looking to localize and expand their services for Chinese users.

As a global digital marketing agency, Nativex said it expects to introduce a “heightened level of innovation to Baidu’s advertising platform.”

Nativex is poised to fully harness its advantage in global localization, the company also said.

“We take immense pride in becoming an officially certified agency within the Baidu marketing ecosystem. We are confident that by blending Nativex’s global perspective with Baidu’s industry-leading position, we are poised to deliver exceptional services to our global clients, facilitating business growth,” Cheryl Huang, Nativex’s Senior Vice President, said.

Nativex also said that, by combining its strength with Baidu’s extensive traffic coverage, it can provide pivotal assistance to global brands and developers aiming to achieve sustained growth within the Chinese market.

Yan Fei, Director of Overseas Channels, Baidu, said: “The addition of Nativex to the Baidu Advertising ecosystem is a source of honor for us. As a renowned figure in the marketing industry, we believe Nativex will infuse our advertising platform with innovation and vitality. We eagerly anticipate close collaboration with Nativex, as together we drive advancements within the digital marketing domain, crafting additional growth value for brands and developers.”

Nativex has been active in signing up partnerships with global technology firms. The company, a subsidiary of Mobvista, offers a slew of services including user acquisition, creative, influencer marketing, social media account management, and intelligent media buying.