AI continues to play a major role for companies wanting to address business challenges.

AI-based SaaS company Appier wants to allow companies to address marketing objectives in a volatile environment with its latest marketing solutions, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Appier said its solutions include an AI marketing assistant that can provide functions such as:

    • automated advertising material generation
    • data integration for insights
    • customer journey planning
    • capture of interactive sales opportunities
    • conversational marketing strategies

Amid rising inflation, consumers are increasingly cautious in their spending choices, Appier said.

To capture consumer attention during this inflationary era, leveraging AI to enhance the digital advertising and marketing experience emerges as the key to success, the company said.

According to, the adoption of generative AI in digital marketing could potentially reach a global market value of $19.5 billion by 2032, or an average annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 29%.

Businesses that seize the opportunity to harness generative AI to boost productivity, coupled with the predictive power of AI to ensure a return on investment, can secure a competitive edge and bolster brand resilience.

Appier believes AI has ushered in a new era. The company said generative AI has not only revolutionized white-collar work but has also redefined the approach taken by marketers in crafting advertisements, shaping marketing content, and engaging in conversational commerce.

Faced with this paradigm shift, businesses can embark on this journey by prioritizing relevant tasks, forming cross-functional teams, conducting small-scale trials, identifying models tailored to their organizations, and efficiently harnessing external resources.

The company said beginning in advertising and marketing, businesses can optimize operational efficiency and extend the use of AI for broader business decision making.