This case study showcases how OMG HK uses IAS automated tagging with Google to launch IKEA campaigns quickly.

OMG deploys IAS technology to launch quicker live marketing campaigns for IKEA and other business clients worldwide.

IKEA offers a vast range of functional, good quality, and well-designed home furnishing products at affordable prices. As of the moment, there are 461 IKEA stores worldwide. The IKEA brand is a retail franchise system of furnishing products with 12 franchisees in 54 markets. The company always prioritizes innovation to meet customer expectations wherever they are located across the globe.

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) is Omnicom Group’s media services division, global corporate communications, and marketing company that provides strategic media planning, digital marketing, advertising, direct marketing, and public relations to over 5,000 clients in over 100 countries.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) was founded and headquartered in New York in 2009, working with the world’s top publishers and advertisers. This digital media quality global leader ensures people can access ads in suitable and safe environments.


OMG aims to accelerate, streamline, and automate tag wrapping, which involves traditionally time-consuming processes.


OMG HK faced challenges in tag wrapping and trafficking ads. In the past, multiple teams worked in spreadsheets when adding third-party verification that needed plenty of resources, resulting in reporting discrepancies. The processes are highly subjective to human error and time-consuming.


Embracing IAS Technology: With IAS technology, OMG HK became more efficient in creating and implementing IKEA campaigns, reducing the time spent wrapping tags. Hence, there’s a greater focus on driving campaign performance by enhancing audience connection and engagement.

Centralizing Tag Management: Because of the system-to-system API between the third-party vendor and Google, automated third-party verification is made faster with fewer errors. Users of IAS automated tag wrapping with Google can add third-party brand verification seamlessly to the ads they serve. It streamlines the workflow of OMG across all the digital campaigns of IKEA. The placements sync automatically with intact wrapped states, which drastically reduces the time necessary to get marketing campaigns live. Therefore, adjusting partner settings and enabling third-party verification doesn’t require tag re-trafficking.

Integrating IAS and Google Campaign Manager: The tagging workflow becomes more streamlined with IAS integrated with Google Campaign Manager 360. Digital marketing agencies and advertisers work with IAS easier than ever, eliminating sending spreadsheets back and forth. Thus, trafficking teams save valuable time and dedicate it to connecting and engaging with target audiences.

The results show 80% time saved in wrapping tags in the implementation of IAS technology. Adding third-party verification to marketing campaigns is quicker (from five minutes to one minute) using IAS automated tag wrapping with Google. With the partnership of OMG and IAS, the media service became more productive, efficient, and effective. IKEA was delighted with the results of the campaign. The total time saved is 53 hours, with 800 tags wrapped in a month for IKEA.