How games can be a powerful tool for recruiting new supporters: LOSC’s customer story

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life and business, including sports.

 The world of football has not remained untouched by this sanitary crisis. The result has been devastating for sports professionals, sports organisations and even fans. Stadiums have remained closed for long periods, and  international championships have been put on hold. Fans and brands too have missed their interaction on the field. 

In this backdrop, Football clubs have had to adapt and be creative, reinforcing their online and social media presence. From contests to quizzes and email campaigns, there is a wide range of digital initiatives for clubs to choose from.

Read this fascinating case of LOSC ( a French professional football club based in Lille, Hauts-de-France, known as Lille Olympique Sporting Club, commonly called LOSC, LOSC Lille, or simply Lille), and Qualifio helped them engage with their community of fans; bring their supporters closer together and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the club; and recruit new supporters and increase newsletter opt-ins.