IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd., a global SaaS company, continues to expand into the Japanese market with its latest collaboration with WORKS MOBILE Japan Corp. Kdan announced the integration of its e-signature solution, DottedSign, with LINE WORKS, the largest business communication platform provided by WORKS MOBILE, to help professionals manage their signing processes more efficiently.

“Integrating with LINE WORKS is an important milestone for us as we continue to expand our business in Japan,” says Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile. “We will keep working closely with WORKS MOBILE for more collaborations in the future.”

The integration between the two is designed to optimize efficiency in the workplace by shortening the time spent waiting on documents to be processed and signed. Users of LINE WORKS will receive real-time notifications when a new signature request is sent from DottedSign or when a document sent via DottedSign is signed by all parties.

DottedSign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that provides users a smooth, secure, and efficient e-signing experience. The software allows users to sign across desktop and mobile devices remotely, anytime and anywhere. DottedSign currently integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and Zapier.

LINE WORKS is a business communication platform integrated from the messaging platform, LINE, for professional collaboration. It offers a variety of features for use at work, including chats, bulletin boards for company announcements, and calendars. The platform is provided by WORKS MOBILE Japan Corp. and is used by over 350,000 companies worldwide.

“As we strive to improve efficiency for our users, we are delighted to have Kdan’s DottedSign integrated in LINE WORKS,” says President and CEO of WORKS MOBILE Japan, Ryuichi Masuda. “The integration adds value to LINE WORKS services .”

Kdan Mobile is looking to expand its market share in Japan through collaborations with local resellers and agencies beyond its partnership with WORKS MOBILE. The company plans to integrate its software solutions with other prominent business platforms to support a variety of business scenarios.

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About Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. and DottedSign

Kdan Mobile Software was founded in 2009 with a mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity and unleash their creativity. The company is a global SaaS provider, whose work is supported by over 200 million downloads, and over 10 million active members worldwide.

Their e-signature service, DottedSign, is used by over 2,000 enterprise clients and provides a smooth, secure and efficient cloud-based e- signing service. Their other solutions include a portfolio of different productivity and creativity-related tools.

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