BEIJING, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China Daily. 

In this episode of “The 19th Asian Games Surprise”, a Gen Z youth from Somalia gives us a glimpse into the linguistic diversity and welcoming spirit of Hangzhou, as the 19th Asian Games are about to kick off. The episode captures the various aspects of the city’s hospitality and preparations for the Games.

Hangzhou is a melting pot of languages during the Asian Games. Greeted by youth from around the world in English, Russian, Korean, Malay, Arabic, and Indonesian, it reflects the city’s global appeal and efforts to welcome international visitors.

This episode highlights the “XiaoQingHe” volunteers, named after a tradition that originated during the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit. These volunteers serve as linguistic ambassadors, helping with language services and promoting friendly interactions with guests. Their name is inspired by a famous poem by Yang Wanli and phonetically resembles the word “friendly” in Chinese, emphasizing their commitment to hospitality.

The volunteers undergo extensive training, including a code of conduct, professional language skills, and Games-related terminology. They also participate in various events, like the Bilingual Student Reporters Event, where they showcase their energy and openness.

Furthermore, we are introduced to the mascots of the 19th Asian Games: Congcong, Lianlian, and Chenchen. Local students express their favorite mascots, with Chenchen being the most popular due to its name’s connection to unity and peace, symbolized by the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou.

In conclusion, this episode of “The 19th Asian Games Surprise” emphasizes Hangzhou’s readiness to host the 19th Asian Games and its commitment to using language as a bridge to convey China’s voice to the world. The “XiaoQingHe” volunteers and the city’s residents are eager to welcome guests, showcasing Hangzhou’s cultural richness and hospitality.