Enhancing the customer experience: Dynamic AI agents

Find out how dynamic AI agents contribute to enhancing customer experience. 

In today’s age of accelerated digital transformation, customers look up to brands that enable them through their remote capabilities, which range from remote demonstrations, remote showcases to remote purchase cycle and customer support. Coupled with that, the increase in mobile internet use and digital commerce in mature countries like China and in Asia’s developing countries have led to the emergence of Conversational AI platforms powered by advanced Virtual Assistants (VAs), enabling remote customer support among other things. 

The global Intelligent VA market is expected to reach USD 6.27 billion by 2026 with the Asia Pacific region witnessing the fastest growth. With the advancements in this space, brands have been provided with a whole new blueprint for their customer experience (CX) strategy. Nowadays, Advanced VAs, or what we term, dynamic AI agents have become a key differentiating component for businesses in improving the customer experience through differentiated engagements, ultimately increasing the customer lifetime value. 

Let’s unravel how dynamic AI agents contribute to enhancing customer experience.

Unlocking the value of hyper-personalisation

Dynamic AI agents’ ability to decode intent and understand languages is key in delivering hyper-personalised experiences. Equipped with data on current interaction, purchase and browser history, past customer service inquiries, they are able to accurately respond to simple to complex queries. For instance, by analyzing the vast repository of calls and transcripts of customer interactions with human agents, dynamic AI agents get a deeper understanding of vocabulary and speech nuances used by customers when they are disgruntled or when they are happy. Moreover, the ability to interact in multiple languages further enhances the possibilities of serving customers exactly what they need and creating moments of trust across their journey. 

Faster response time 

According to a survey, 75% of customers claimed that the most important attribute of good customer service is a fast response time. While another survey reported that almost 90% of companies report faster complaint resolution, and over 80% state that call volume processing has been enhanced through AI, thus, the integration of advanced virtual assistants is crucial in the process of establishing an efficient customer response system. These agents can churn all the data provided to them, comprehend customers’ buyer journeys, and help in problem-solving based on the best possible solution. This is one of the most important benefits of using Conversational AI, especially for large enterprises where customer support really consumes all of the support team’s time.

Round-the-clock availability 

In today’s always online era, customers can connect with brands at any time of the day or night, with the expectations of a five star experience each time. Availability, therefore, becomes a very important factor and this is where dynamic AI agents can help brands get an added advantage to stand out in the clutter.  These agents are available at any time, all year round with real-time problem solving that helps brands to stay on the top of the loyalty and customer retention game with close-to-no downtime.

CX analytics for better and improved engagement every time 

Dynamic AI agents are supported by analytics for obtaining deeper insights and valuable information. Brands can take advantage of this information for improving customer experience by measuring various metrics such as chat volume, goal completion rate, bounce rate, fallback rate, retention rate, and satisfaction score. They can use CX analytics to understand the customer’s intent and sentiments, tracking the positive or negative sentimental trends to tailor conversations with them accordingly. For example, it can deduce if a customer is happy with the services offered, creating an opportunity for the dynamic AI agent to upsell services. On the other hand, analytics can also highlight when a customer is dissatisfied. In such cases, the dynamic AI agent can immediately escalate the chat to the human agent. Essentially, brands can easily predict and plan their next steps by looking at CX analytics to drive higher CSATs and deliver better experiences.

Moving into the marketing & sales functions

Dynamic AI agents can help businesses at all stages of a marketing plan – awareness, consideration, purchase, and delight. From sending personalised messages based on intent, demographics and past usage behaviour during the awareness stage to answering queries on products and services during the consideration stage. Not only that, dynamic AI agents are also capable of addressing concerns on quality assurance, product guarantee, transaction options, and post-purchase behaviour during the purchase stage.

WhatsApp Commerce and Instagram Messaging Automation are two such use-cases where dynamic AI agents have helped businesses increase meaningful engagements via direct messages and proactive prompts. For instance, these agents can enable proactive engagement with customers through sending prompts for product updates and push notifications to sales leads which have been deemed the most relevant. By doing so, these agents are able to assist companies in upselling and cross-selling, which then increases companies’ conversion rates as well. 

Enabling an omnichannel presence 

Omnichannel engagement is an essential element of customer experience. Customers today expect a seamless experience when they interact with brands, be it voice, chat, across web or social, etc. Brands should be able to connect with customers, with communication shifting from siloed multichannel interactions to an integrated omnichannel model. Dynamic AI agents can help companies build an omnichannel presence and maintain consistent interactions across all channels. For instance, a conversation that started on Instagram can now seamlessly continue over WhatsApp and end up as a live-agent call – delivering consistency and convenience.  

To delight the instant gratification seeking, digital savvy customers of today, dynamic AI agents are fast becoming the go-to solution for brands. Thanks to their advanced capabilities, companies are able to stand true to their customer-centric positioning in the industry. The benefits these agents bring are not limited to just the brands’ customer and customer support agents but overall business as well – helping them create an effective, Total Experience (TX) automation strategy.