62% fewer quality violations on video ads due to DV Video Filtering

DV data highlights the new solution has led to sixty-two percent fewer quality violations on DV measured video impressions across devices.

In just four months since introducing DV Video Filtering, advertisers across all industries are experiencing significantly decreased fraud, in-geo, brand safety and suitability violations, DoubleVerify, the software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics announced on 4 June.

According to the company, the new solution has led to sixty-two percent fewer quality violations on DV measured video impressions across devices.

The company revealed the following statistics: early adopters of DV Video Filtering across industry verticals – including travel, technology, CPG, finance and food services, saw almost sixty-two percent fewer fraud, geo and brand suitability violations across their campaigns when compared with all other DV-measured placements – resulting in 85% lower video ad fraud and SIVT violations, and 88% lower geographic violations. These capabilities have also led to a decrease in violation rates across CTV (66%), Desktop (69%), Mobile App (69%), and Mobile Web (71%). 

The way it works is that DV Video Filtering serves as a last line of defense against fraud and brand safety concerns when blocking isn’t available. The solution collects data from an ad request and runs it through DV’s advanced fraud, brand safety and suitability, and geo detection models to ensure that ads are served in an appropriate environment.

According to the platform, DV Video Filtering can be used for campaigns that are executed directly via a publisher or through a DSP. Moreover, because filtering occurs before the ad is served, publishers are able to re-monetise any impressions that are filtered. 

“Digital video has become an essential channel for capturing consumer attention; ensuring quality video is now critical.” said Jack Smith, Chief Product Officer at DoubleVerify. “Before the launch of Video Filtering, fewer than 40% of video impressions were eligible for post-bid blocking on desktop and mobile web, and on CTV and mobile apps, blocking was virtually impossible. With DV Video Filtering, advertisers are able to substantially reduce non-compliant ad placements, helping to improve the quality and performance of their video campaigns.”

Launched in November 2020, DV Video Filtering is part of DV Video Complete, which enables advertisers to holistically measure campaign quality and maximize brand protection across all video environments and devices, including CTV, mobile and desktop.