TikTok announces new brand advertising measures on The Stage

Introduces new creative, branding and commerce solutions to help brands and agencies engage with their communities and drive business impact.

TikTok unveiled TikTok: The Stage, an inaugural virtual event on 30 September, where it introduced new creative, branding and commerce solutions to help brands and agencies engage with their communities and drive business impact.

240 million users in Southeast Asia

TikTok said the platform continues to see strong growth in its audience reach and engagement. Sharing some figures, TikTok said more than one billion people around the world visit TikTok every month, with nearly one out of four global users from Southeast Asia. As of June 2021, TikTok’s user base in Southeast Asia has exceeded 240 million, up by 85% year-on-year. Furthermore, around 800 million videos were created by users in Southeast Asia, reaching more than a trillion video views in June alone.

According to a Nielsen report commissioned by TikTok in June 2021, users in Southeast Asia said they were 1.34x more likely to prefer TikTok for content, 1.27x for creators, and 1.28x for authenticity.

Next phase of advertising on TikTok

“We all need a steady dose of positivity and happy users make for more engaged consumers. Understanding this, we have rolled out the next phase of advertising on TikTok that enables brands to bring those everyday moments of joy to our community in an authentic and entertaining way,” said Sam Singh, TikTok Head of Global Business Solutions, APAC. “We look forward to helping brands in the region to not only grow their business but also take part in this mission of bringing joy to more people in Southeast Asia.”

Some of TikTok’s new brand related measures include the following:

Quantifying the impact of TikTok advertising – Recently TikTok partnered with Nielsen to quantify the impact of TikTok advertising through Marketing Mix Models. The report noted that every dollar spent by brands on TikTok will lead to incremental returns on their revenues, and that TikTok delivers 1.6 times more ROIthan traditional and digital media platforms*. (* Other Media includes TV, Radio, Out of Home, Cinema, Digital Display & Video; excludes Facebook & Google). To further help brands to measure the success of their campaigns and track performance, TikTok has launched a suite of new tools including: Reach & Frequency Buying, Brand Lift Study, Viewability Partners, TikTok Inventory Filter, and more.

Brand safety Inventory solution launched – TikTok has launched Brand Safety Inventory Filter Solution, a proprietary solution which advertisers can utilise to gain more control over where their ads run, and a new partnership with OpenSlate which aims to provide advertisers with a solution for their brand safety need by mitigating risks around content.

Strengthening brand and creator collaboration with creative tools – TikTok has introduced a suite of solutions that enable advertisers to embrace creativity while driving more engagement with their community. Southeast Asia creative solutions include: TikTok Creator Marketplace, TikTok For Business Creative Center, Video Editor, Dynamic Scene, Canva, and interactive formats to unlock engagement.

Connecting community, entertainment and commerce – TikTok said it has launched an enhanced suite of commerce products, solutions and partnerships to help brands capture the untapped potential of TikTok to influence purchases and drive sales both on and off the platform. Commmerce solutions include: Collection Ads, Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSA), and new partnerships.