Xinhua Silk Road: Third China (Guangxi)-ASEAN AI Summit to blaze new trial for China-ASEAN digital economic cooperation

BEIJING, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 3rd China (Guangxi)-ASEAN AI Summit will be held on Friday in Nanning, the capital city of south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The summit themed “Fusion for the New, Insight into the Future” will gather officials, scholars and entrepreneurs from China and ASEAN countries to share insights into the development of artificial intelligence (AI) industry, connected intelligence, data exchange, and mutually beneficial cooperation, thus blazing a new trial for China-ASEAN cooperation in the filed of digital economy.

Currently, Guangxi is going all out to promote the construction of China-ASEAN information harbor, which is designated to galvanize China-ASEAN cooperation in the AI sector and press ahead the building of digital Silk Road.

The establishment of an AI federation of China-ASEAN information harbor will be announced at the summit. The federation, by building production-learning-scientific research-practical application cooperation platform, will smooth channels for enterprises and scientific research institutes from ASEAN countries to join Guangxi in cultivating an AI industrial ecology pitched at ASEAN countries.

Taking advantage of the China-ASEAN information harbor, Guangxi has further deepened cooperation with universities in ASEAN countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The autonomous region has been actively building various AI innovation platforms, such as China-ASEAN (Huawei) AI innovation center, China-ASEAN information harbor Kunpeng ecology innovation center, and China-ASEAN block chain innovation center.

It has also built and operated a number of data centers and production factor markets for ASEAN countries. For example, Guangxi’s Beibu Gulf Data Exchange provides credit data of more than 7 million enterprises in the ten ASEAN countries and data query services for nearly 30,000 domestic foreign trade enterprises.

In addition, Guangxi has expanded AI application scenarios in healthcare, cross-border e-commerce and other fields for ASEAN countries. For instance, Guangxi Medical University has built a China-ASEAN cross-border medical cooperation platform and established telemedicine cooperation mechanisms with 6 medical institutions from Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

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