Tencent Music Entertainment Group Launches TME Business Intelligence for Artists to Empower Partners

SHENZHEN, China, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tencent Music Entertainment Group (“TME,” or the “Company”) (NYSE: TME), the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China, today launched TME Business Intelligence for Artists to provide partners with services that enable music labels and artists to access real-time data on the performance of musical works and observe music industry trends.

With a catalog of tens of millions of tracks, TME BI for Artists updates data 150 times a day by data mining across multiple platforms. Featuring various modules, including data overview, artist overview, song performance, and digital album analysis, it illustrates all the key information needed for labels to track the performance of works under copyright ownership. It also allows artists to understand their listeners, and helps content creators to capture music industry trends and user preferences, equipping music professionals with a better understanding of the business value behind the data.

Using access to TME Research Institute, TME BI for Artists develops industry reviews and in-depth analysis reports on a regular basis. It brings fresh insights to content creators and the whole industry, which will drive business growth as well as improve the efficiency of content creation, promotion and distribution. TME BI for Artists also presents selected industry news to guide music professionals on emerging market trends. With coverage from music charts to music data, and from individual services to business services, TME BI for Artists aims to promote the healthy development of China’s music industry.

As a leading player in China’s music industry, TME is deepening and executing its dual engine content-and-platform strategy. TME continues its efforts in technology innovation and resource integration to invigorate the music service ecosystem, supporting and empowering more content creators to maximize their potential and value, and creating more opportunities for the whole industry.

TME BI for Artists Pro now is available on WeChat Mini Program and the official website.

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